It took me a few months to build up the courage to book a session with Mistress Helen, I am really glad I did as it was amazing. If you are thinking about booking don’t wait do it now!

When I arrived Mistress Helen looked stunning and was very friendly she made me feel at ease straight away and I knew I had made the right choice. After a chat she lead me to her very well equipped playroom and the fun began
First she made me undress and put me over her knee and gave me a spanking, at this point I think it’s worth mentioning that Mistress Helen has a gentle touch as well as a very firm hand. When she removed my shirt and touch my chest it felt fantastic and all she did was stoke my chest but I enjoyed her touch and power over me from the start of the session.
After my spanking I was treated to being allowed to kiss and Lick Mistress Helen shoes as she stood before me, then I was told to kiss her sexy stocking clad legs. Happy days
I was ordered to the bondage table and strapped in, there was no escape now! (Not that I wanted to I just wanted to please Mistress Helen as I was totally in awe of her beauty and power). Now I’m naked and totally at her mercy the way it should be. Mistress Helen then used some electrics on my cock and balls and every time she touched my body it felt amazing just a simple stroke of my thigh will be remembered for a long time.
The session just kept getting better next I was ordered to the facesitting box. Mistress Helen proceeded to again strap me in place so I couldn’t move, as a bonus whilst being strapped in I have a great view and was able to admire Mistress Helen from beneath her. Then the facesitting began and again the view of Mistress Helen beautiful bottom desending onto my face was something else. Once her beautiful bottom was on my face I was in heaven Mistress ordered me to kiss and sniff her panties, I obviously obeyed!
Next up was some CP Mistress strapped me in bondage table number 2 and expertly whipped, padded and canned me until my backside was nicely marked. Thankfully Mistress tailored the CP for me as my bum was very sore after and she was only going at 50% maybe less. That being said she soothed my bottom after with the amazing Mistress Helen touch/stroke.
And we are still not done! Next Mistress let me worship her beautiful bottom whilst she prepared bondage table 1 this was amazing. Then I was teased but with the Venus 2000 and eventually Mistress gave me permission to cum.
Once off the bondage table I was ordered to my knees once more and given the pleasure of a last bit of beautiful bottom worship. Mistress then slapped my face and spat in my mouth and sadly the session was over.
Mistress Helen is a lady who enjoys her slaves and it shows when she plays, I feel very lucky that I was permitted to spend some time with such a wonderful dominatrix
I can’t wait to see Mistress Helen again she is my new addiction
Thank you