Due to another spate of text messages received both from newbs and also the occasional person who has seen Me, be aware I never use texting for arranging sessions or to answer questions.

  • Anyone can hide behind texting (if you were a parent would you be happy your child was texting a Dominatrix)
  • Texting costs ME, having other contract phones for My personal and other business I use a PAYG for this
  • I loathe text ping pong with short pointless messages!

Please call for a brief chat





Send a clear polite, concise email to include a minimum of THREE  dates/times YOU can commit, it’s not for ME to give you the timing/dates as I can guarantee you will reply with not being able to do that due to A B C………………………

Emails without dates are NOT helpful.


I look forward to receiving your communications through the correct channels soon and having a superb time playing in My fantastic well equipped play spaces!