Hi slaves/subs and kinksters

After my exciting dalliance with red hair I have just returned to being a Blonde Bombshell 🙂

SIX hours in the hair salon and £190 later……….ouch!!!! I am a Viking Blonde with very light tones, lighter than my own natural blonde base and looking good.

My poor hair has been through a major chemical process and requires salon treatments to maintain the condition and feed it protein/keratin so if you’ve been thinking of booking a session, book now and support my much loved livelihood/income.  Plus I won’t need to live on baked beans all next week after the major hair expense!

If you can’t get to a real time session then show your support and follow me and re-tweet my tweets on Twitter https://twitter.com/helenryder7  

My hair also requires maintenance at home with treatments and good quality products, which I have listed on my Amazon wishlist, go on spoil Me 🙂

Mistress Gifts
Link: http://amzn.eu/baVhxEg

Mistress Helen Xx