I’ve been running a successful business for over 14yrs now, during that time I have seen and heard every excuse under the sun to not being able to pay a deposit.

If you write/ring me & follow up with an email and I ask for a deposit and also ask for your next contact to be that you’ve sent it and there is any excuse that it has not been sent, contact will end there.

Not having online banking set up is always/often one excuse, yet your bank will send over money to any account at your request, you can just attend a branch!

Just over the course of the last week gone I have received 12 emails for sessions and out of those 4 were genuine, who paid and committed to coming.

If you have so much time on your hands to waste, then do some charitable work!  Most charities are often looking for volunteers, make yourself useful to society.

Over and out

Mistress Helen

P.S Thank you to the wonderful people who follow My booking procedures and value My time and their own XX