Quite often I receive an email with just the bullet points of copy/paste off my website of all the activities listed that I enjoy and am happy to provide within a domination session.  When you write to me by email I do ask for an “outline” of your interests as ultimately there is no point in visiting a “Professional Mistress” without some idea of likes/dislikes.  Expressing your likes/dislikes is essential and is not topping from the bottom.  The whole point is that you enjoy yourself which gives me a buzz and then you see that I’m also enjoying myself and that makes the basis of a great session because we are both fueling and feeding off each other in the session.

Topping from the bottom is a client making very specific demands with a list such as something like this:

When I enter your dungeon I expect to be told to  strip, you will inspect me all over as your prize toy, then strap me to the spanking bench and whip me with your black dragon tail whip 20 times with a 10 sec gap between each stroke. You will then etc etc etc  Or another example is during the session you will keep asking for Me to do a specific thing to you because you want it right there and then.  That’s topping from the bottom and does not happen on my premises, I do not allow it!

When you contact me my email, we have a brief chat to get to know each other and then a longer chat when your session has been secured with the deposit.  We discuss in full all aspects of the session, with safe words so that if you get cramp tied in a position you can make me aware etc.  I usually read people very well indeed and can tell if they are enjoying themselves and not in undue discomfort (unless that’s what floats your boat) By doing this I have a good idea of what I’ve planned to do with you on the day so that I am in complete control and you can freely give your submission in a safe controlled environment without any fear or worries (a little fear is good)  All sessions are bespoke to your interests and evolve as we get further into session if I feel something isn’t quite working.

I sometimes hear from a client that they had a bad experience elsewhere and I’ve had to really work at finding out what that person is into so it does make me question the pre session chat which may or may not have taken place.  So it’s all very well having the urge and going online and doing a ring around to see if you can get a session “right now”  Do your research, plan your kink at least a few hours ahead, a day or two ahead even better and communicate clearly with the Mistress and you should have a great experience.

Happy New Year to you all, come and explore your kink with Me in 2018

Mistress Helen xXx