I know how many of you love tight restrictive bondage and sometimes that also includes access to certain parts that can be played with!  I’m adding vet wrap to My repertoire in sessions of 90 mins plus.  An additional fee of £30 simply to cover the wrap which will be used on you (one use only) it comes in a variety of superb colours and MUST be booked in advance as I will not be keeping a large stock in My dungeon, it will be ordered on an adhoc basis at the time of your booking and deposit with added sundries.

If you want layers upon layers of vet wrap then the fee will be greater, if you wish to bring along your own rolls of it then My tribute will be at the usual rates.

I had lots of fun over the weekend in a domestic setting with some bright sunny yellow wrap, keeping it clean on here so I have edited the pics 😉 the contrast of a very red striped bottom against the yellow was very artistic.  Rest assured all play is bespoke to your particular interests.