“Suck my cock and toes you Sissy Slut.”
I feel the gentle nails, of my Mistress, slide over my silk bloomers, feeling for my hard clitty. I feel her sweet breath on the back of my neck as Mistress pinches my nipples through my blue, satin frock.
Mistress then straps me over her whipping stool. My bloomers slide down my thighs and my bottom is spanked….cropped and caned ( Mistress likes to see the cane stripes when she sinks her strap-on into me ).
Mistress puts a rubber into my mouth and I have to glide it up her strap-on.  I must now suck it to show what a “Sissy Whore” I really am.
I’m released and told to worship the feet of Mistress.   I suck her toes for ages and she seems very pleased. Then she offers her bottom for me to kiss all over.
I’m ordered to lay on my back, on the bed. My ankles are strapped high and wide exposing my sissy hole for a long, energetic fucking.
Your devoted Sissy Slut R
An extract written by Sissy Slut R on a recent visit to The Burgess Hill Academy for Sissies
Come and explore your inner “Gurl” come and be feminised, which can include removal of body hair and be expertly made up.  Imagine the soft caress and feel of nylons as they slide up your legs then attached to a pretty suspender belt, some cute little panties and then dressed as My willing maid or other (slutty or demure) attire before stepping into a pair of high heels and then………………………………….
Well to find out what could happen next you best get in touch hadn’t you!  Book a session today don’t delay your fun at The Burgess Hill Academy for Sissies ….
Some of what you may experience here subject to a discussion to where your BDSM interest’s and limits lie are:
Full make over with wig and clothing provided
Maid training
Violet wand
Pegging  just a few ideas to wet your appetite and there is a fully comprehensive list on My main website
See you soon MY little sluts in waiting
Mistress Helen xXx