Happy 20th Birthday to Club Pedestal in London, congratulations to Derek and his team, one of the longer standing Fetish Clubs.

TWENTY yrs how time flies!  I’ve been attending Club Pedestal for the last 15yrs! I don’t attend every time it’s on as I often have clients booked in for the day after.  Crawling into My pit at 5/6am after travelling home doesn’t leave much in the way of sleep but boy it’s worth it!

It’s so lovely to catch up with some of My Mistress pals and a great night out.  I’ve been invited to attend the slave selection evening and be a “House Dominatrix” but living outside of London I simply don’t have the time to spare.

Ladies: If you haven’t yet been to Club Pedestal then I recommend that you do, on arrival into the venue you will be greeted by kneeling slaves and be presented with a rose.  There is a Fetlife corner tour of the venue available, you will meet lots of new people and make great connections and new friends quite quickly.  I’ve driven there in the past on My own and not felt at all out of place.

There are various areas in the club, space to play, fair amount of equipment, I love the trample cage! A row of subs are like juicy sausages on the floor just waiting to be squished! They have a cabaret show, which is fun to watch.   In the past I have added some fun/slighty strange requests into the Maitre D’s black book, some of those being a sub to be a human frog to hop 3 circuits of the club making frog noises (Myself and the sub creased up with laughter & his knees killing him)  a lap dance from a fit hunk (Mmmmm thanks Maximus I won’t forget that one)  one Christmas I made a sub dress up and sing from the main bar Christmas songs standing on a table.  As well as the usual foot worship, receive a public thrashing, wait on Me, fetch drinks and be a foot stall etc.  Little Muffin also really needs a mention here, a sub who had a full western saddle and used to carry Ladies on his back.

It’s a great playground for Dominant Ladies!

See if you can spot Me in the gallery archives from over the years 🙂 Club Pedestal