Judicial caning punishment at Mistress Helen Ryder’s correctional facility in Burgess Hill West Sussex.

The boy trembled as he stood before Mistress Helen Ryder (the head of the correctional facility for wayward boys and girls) M had been stealing and thought he could sneakily return the money without being caught. Unfortunately M had been summoned to attend Ms Ryder’s premises immediately!  He knew of her reputation for being ruthless in dishing out judicial style canings.

“hands on your head boy” Ms Ryder patted down the front, sides and back of M instructing him to bend over and touch his toes and gave him a good wallop on his behind.

“You’ve been stealing boy & I know there has been no time to spend the money so where is it?

M stuttered that he hadn’t got it, “I don’t believe you, and pass me your jacket” reaching inside each of the pockets Helen Ryder pulled out a stash of rolled up notes.  Unrolling them she counted each one out in front of him “filthy little liar, you are sentenced to 100 strokes of the cane on your bare bottom”

M asked how hard they were going to be as he shamefully lowered his head to face the floor.

“Very hard boy”

“Now strip off all your clothing” M shakily stripped off feeling the hopeless humiliation of standing naked before Ms Ryder.

“Get over that bench boy and I am not going to hold back, you will feel every single stroke and there will be 30 to 40 second gap between each one so you can fully absorb & understand your punishment”

The boy knelt over the bench and Ms Ryder buckled each of the straps down securing each one tightly, he knew there was no escape and would have to take his Judicial punishment.

Ms Ryder walked over to the wall unit and selected a pair of wrist length black leather gloves which she put on “these will give me a better grip on my canes boy” she reached into a bucket and pulled out a cane, which had been soaking in a special solution and gave it a shake.  Droplets swished through the air and M heard that dreaded sound of the cane swishing knowing he would be on the receiving end very soon.

A few places to buy canes on-line or local to Mistress Helen Ryder at Brighton Twisted Market: