I came searching for a Mistress to indulge my passion for BDSM late in life as I was lucky enough to have been in two long term relationships which more or less fulfilled my desires without being brilliant. After the last ended it has taken me some while to realise that I would get what I wanted much better from a pro domme. After a couple of disastrous meetings with dommes not interested in me other than as a cash cow I broadened my search and came across Mistress Helen. From the very first phone call she instilled trust. Totally at ease from the phone and email contacts and having paid the sensible deposit I arrived at her door certainly apprehensive but not feeling anyway in danger.
Immediately sat down for a soft drink I was put completely relaxed and discussed where were going with the session. It is not easy to state precisely what one wants but luckily as the session developed Mistress Helen managed to instinctively know what I wanted and there was no danger of having to top from the bottom. I got exactly what I wanted from the session and loads more besides.
I am now delighted that I can regularly beat a path to her door. We try new things and excell at the old things. She is an expert with canes and many other orthodox and surprising instruements so if that is what you like you will not be disappointed, but she is multitalented with many other kinks, some I have tried and loved and some are not for me, but nothing ventured.
She has made me a very happy old man.