My availability

I’m available for online domination, chats. emails etc read the tab!

At present ALL emails to include a 10 min phone chat to discuss a session are paid for before you make contact, if you book and attend a real time session in the future post lockdown restrictions etc it will come off your final tribute in person.  Any questions you have will then be addressed in our chat.

When you book a real time session the deposit still remains at 50% and is mandatory.  Payment is either Amazon GC or Bank transfers.  I do not offer Paypal or any other payment system.

My bank details for transfers: Sort 20-92-54 Account: 70468665  Name: Ms Rogers Ref: Consult and your initials.

Amazon GC to My email of if purchasing one from Tesco etc, rub off the panel to reveal code or use link below to purchase online.

Send: Amazon Logo Squid – eGift Voucher: Gift Cards & Top Up 

Provided you are over 21 send the payment for a call and then contact Me, sending an email asking if you can pay for a chat defeats the purpose.

The only reply to new email enqs is a link to this blog.  If you then reply with that you’ve read this blog but still not paid the low sum of £20 or reply with a question, you will be ignored.  It tells Me all I need to know about you and where to file away your email.

I very much welcome paid interaction only.  It weeds out those that have no intention of booking/committing.

I look forward to teasing and tormenting you soon.

Mistress Helen