Hi peeps

What a great couple of weeks it has been creating and uploading new content onto My Loyal Fans page https://www.loyalfans.com/misshelenryder

Some Femdom and some raunchy saucy stuff to cater to many tastes, most importantly I’m having lots of fun making it!  So far theres some Spanking/Impact play, foot worship etc amongst the sauce 😉

Yes it’s a different avenue to My website and that’s perfectly ok, no one is forcing you to head over there, unless you are booking Me for domination and I’m telling you to do it mwhahaha 🙂  There will be some saying, “A Mistress shouldn’t be wearing/doing ABC” A Mistress, especially this Mistress does as she damn well pleases so zip it!

Being self employed often involves wearing several hats and Loyal Fans is My saucy spicy hat

Please bear in mind my income is based at 80% over there, which is great compared to other platforms, but if you want a particular type of lingerie and wish to send tips for it then make sure you over cover the amount so I receive enough tribute to cover the item you wish Me to create content in, thank you.

I’ve mentioned it previously but there will be less pics appearing on Twitter or within My blogs here or My website, having given away many images over the years for free and receiving little in tipping etc it makes sense to make revenue from it all and actually make a better living for Myself!


You can text chat with me via Loyal Fans or Finmessage

Miss Helen Ryder’s Official Social Fan Page | LoyalFans

Ms Helen Ryder | FINmessage

https://www.finmessage.com/?ref=MPLQUB Affiliate link for ladies to sign up

One free image from My very recent Lingerie set below (taken 19th July 2023)  others are split between Loyal Fans and Adult Work.

Kinky wishes

Mistress Helen xx