I couldn’t believe my luck when my gorgeous boss Miss Ryder invited me back to her house for coffee after the company Christmas party. She looked so sexy in her white satin blouse, black skirt and stockings. Was I really going to have the sexual fantasies that went through my head every time I saw Miss Ryder in the office become reality? It seemed that way, as after a coffee and some flirting both ways I was invited upstairs for a massage.

When we got upstairs it seemed a bit odd that there were implements of torture all around the room but I thought some people collect stamps, art and many other things. This must be Miss Ryder’s hobby. My mind way focused on the massage and it wasn’t long before I was in heaven laying face down having oils gently rubbed all over by back and the backs of my arms and legs. Once I was completely relaxed Miss Ryder asked me to roll over. It didn’t seem a big deal when she asked if it was ok to tie me up, after all loads of people enjoy a bit of bondage with their sex I thought. I was strapped down to an examination table with my leds spread wide apart, handed tied to the side of the table and strap across my chest so I could hardly move.
Suddenly Miss Ryder’s attitude towards me completely changed. “How dare a lowly employee like you think you had a chance with me” said Miss Ryder. “Did you really think someone as gorgeous as me would want to have sex with an old man like you”? “The only reason I invited you to my house is because as well as being your boss I am a part time dominatrix and I felt like dishing out some severe torture on an unsuspecting employee”. “By the time I’m finished with you you will submit to anything I demand in the office, and if you don’t you will be humiliated in front of the other employees and fired”.
My torture began with some nipple stretching, although it was a bit painful I handled it reasonably well. My thighs and cock we’re whipped and I handled that ok as well. Maybe Miss Ryder was only into light domination I thought. It wasn’t long before I found myself strapped down to her whipping bench and realized how wrong I was. Electrics were pushed into my ass and strapped around my penis. I think I was lucky that Miss Ryder didn’t turn the shocks up to anywhere near full power. A whipping from Miss Ryder’s riding crop and paddle soon had me realizing that inflicting pain is a turn on for Miss Ryder.
As my whipping continued something within my head switched my perseption of Miss Ryder. She was no longer the sexy boss from my office that I had sexual fantasies about, but I now wanted to be her slave and do anything that she wanted if it pleased her. I wanted to prove my devotion by submitting in a way that I had never ever submitted to anyone before. Miss Ryder suggested needles through my nipples. The thought of this filled me with fear, but I knew it was something that I had to do.
The thoughts of backing out kept going through my mind so I asked Miss Ryder to strap me down so that escape was impossible. She obliged and was soon taking care of hygiene with antiseptic wipes. The first needle went in. It hurt so  badly when being pushed through but once in place was not to bad. The needle into my other nipple was just as painful until it had passed all the way through.
As sense of great achievement was felt by taking a torture that I had never experienced before. True submission is doing something for your mistress that is over and beyond your comfort level. Needles though my nipples were just that. When I go back to work I will now see Miss Ryder in a completely different way. I’m no longer just her employee. I am her slave.I just want to please her and will do whatever she asks if it pleases her.
Written by slave D, a homework task to complete in his own time about his session.