a sissy slave to Mistress Helen (written by SSR from a sissy slut slave session)
It must have been half way through my session when Mistress Helen put her whip down and released me from the cross. She  commanded me to remove my damp panties and lay on the bench. My legs were strapped high and wide; my wrists cuffed to my sides. She started to torture me with her violet wand – my inner thighs, nipples and the sensitive tip of my wet clitty. I was moaning so she gagged me with my sticky panties and taped over them.  She put clover clamps onto my nipples and stretched the chain – tying it to a ring above my head. .Mistress laughed as she now showed me her collection of strap-on cocks. She slid into my sissy hole and fucked the brains out of me. I squirmed against my bonds, crying out through my gag like a randy slut until I shot my cream all over my chest. How Mistress laughed as she forced me to swallow every drop from her fingers.
Photos taken with clients camera & posted cropped with permission.  What a superb session it was too!  🙂