Thank you for a great session on Friday.
I booked a session with Mistress Helen and was asked if it would be OK to have another slave caged in the room during our session. That’s fine by me as I do like voyeurs present to witness my pain and add to my humiliation.
On arriving I was greeted by Mistress Helen who is an absolute beauty and a very powerful strong Mistress not to be underestimated.
As I had requested anal training, Mistress administered an enema on my arrival to clean me out ready for what was to come.  On entering Mistresses play room I saw the caged slave bound and wearing a nappy and nothing else.
Mistress informed me that he would be in the cage for quite some time without release hence the nappy.  Mistress proceeded to strap me down over her bench with my legs spread and my arse in a very vulnerable position.  Two or three firms slaps were then administer to by arse.
On went a blind fold before Mistress squeezed my cock and balls with a hand full of nettles that did make me yelp.  She then rubbed the nettles up through my butt cheeks ensuring that my hole was well stung and boy was it.  Mistress instructed me to take her strap on deep into my dirty mouth and worship it like a real cock. I do love cock in my mouth, just a shame it wasn’t a real one this time.
Mistress proceeded to lube up my arsehole, again intensifying the stings.  I could feel Mistress finger my hole gradually adding other fingers as my hole relaxed.  Mistress then gave my arse a real good fucking with her beautifully sized strap on and removed my mask so I could watch in a mirror.  The cage slave was quiet, so I taunted him with the thought that he might well be on the receiving end of Mistresses strap on later in the day.  Mistress then applied some heat cream around the inside of my arse causing me to moan a little before a further hard fucking of my sore hole.
It was a great mixture of pain and pleasure, before Mistress released me and moved me to the top of her cage containing the other slave.  My legs were hoisted wide and high again leaving my arse fully exposed.  Once strapped down Mistress applied more nettles to my cock and balls as well as rubbing nettles hard into my nipples and arsehole.  Clamps were then attached to my very sore nipples, before the chain was hoisted up above me drawing the clamp tight.
The cage slave lying beneath me was still quite and I suggested that maybe he should have some nettles placed in his nappy and Mistress through that was a good idea!
He did moan and groan and Mistress duck taped his nappy tightly back in place.
I did get a buzz from hearing him, quite clearly in discomfort. After all he had seen me in enough.  Mistress proceeded to stretch my hole forcing me to take four fingers up to her knuckles. Work in progress to accepting Mistresses fist.  Mistress did feel that I should book a Bi session as she would love to see both my holes filled as I was spit roasted, sounds amazing and will be happening real soon.  A further hard fucking by Mistress followed before she inserted nettles into my very sore swollen hole. It was very uncomfortable and the stinging remained with all areas of my body for at least 24 hours.  Mistress allowed me to orgasm whilst tugging on me nipple clamp and then told me to open wide as she dropped my spunk into my greedy mouth.
Cage slave was offered some but declined!!
Thank you Mistress Helen and I need to start planning my next session