I am planning to see selected clients from Monday 29th June that have been self isolating and that will only be driving to Me.  This will only be open to existing clientele so please contact Me via email to discuss a date to session.

Whilst this all sounds rather serious, rest assured we will still have lots of fun and you can have peace of mind that I am taking Our health seriously.


  • Bookings will be from one hour to a maximum time of 2 hours and only Two on any day.  I will only be conducting SOLO sessions in My OWN premises, NO hotel visits, NO other dungeons!  I expect to actually only have ONE visitor a day to start with so may be a bit more flexi on timings.
  • First appointment time will be from 11am
  • The second appointment time will be from 3:30pm or an evening booking of 7pm.
  • We both need to be presenting as fit and healthy on the day, your payment paid 24 hours ahead by bank transfer and cash ONLY in exceptional circumstances!  I do not give refunds.  If you need to cancel at really short notice with a genuine reason then we simply reschedule for a new date/time.  Money will only be rolled to one new date so that I am not constantly having diary changes/loss of income.
  • On arrival, you will either be wearing your own mask (clean/fresh/new) I will give you a thermo scan and you will change for one of My masks immediately if required, go to the bathroom and remove all your clothing and place inside a container provided.  Pop your mask on top of the bag to one side. Shower thoroughly with hair included.  Dry off and wear the mask again throughout your session.


  • No hugs, pecks on cheek or kissing of My hand for safety reasons.  It’s best to kiss My foot/Shoe 😉
  • Certain activities will be unavailable, such as: Spitting, wearing of My masks (leather/gas masks, please consider bringing your own to wear over a surgical face mask) No drinking of watersports I will NOT be conducting any FULL sissy make overs, other activities omitted are: face sitting, close whispering in your ear and birdy feeding.  Pegging will be done with Me behind and you over the bench, I will risk assess every session.  Think and be sensible about what interests we include in your play times.


  • Vanilla massages will not be currently offered due to the added work and costs of extra equipment I will be providing in anyone entering the house.  It’s simply not cost efficient.  Notice that I have not increased the tribute at all, yet I will be making less at present due to the cost of gloves going from £6,99 a box to around £30 and same re the masks!  If your salary hasn’t changed at all or you have thousands in the bank then do tip generously! 
  • At the end of your session, you can have a few moments to adjust with a glass of water or socially distant cuppa.  You may dress again in the bathroom and head off.
  • I will carry out a very deep clean after washing everything down with hot soapy water with hospital grade cleaners such as Selgiene Ultra & Varsen, Barbicide and the like.  Towels will be washed in Dettol laundry care and detergent on a high temperature.  Everything from light switches, taps, hand rails as well as kit used in the session will all be completely sanitised.
  • Regarding bring gifts:  It is more useful for Me to shop online at present so extra tips, gift vouchers are very much appreciated.

Stay safe n kinky
Mistress Helen xXx