Booking Procedures

Pease email first to introduce yourself and the style of session which interests you, include some dates/times that you are looking to book  and then we will arrange to follow up with a brief chat.  Once agreed I will require a non refundable deposit by bank transfer or an Amazon gift code if agreed.  On the day of your session we will chat in more detail or you may wish to call me on either Adult Work or dommeline when I am logged in to go into greater detail before the day of your session.  Both these links are within My website and linked on Twitter.

Bank info:

Sort 20-92-54 Acc 70468665 Name Ms S Rogers

Ref MHR your initials & date of session

  • I insist that ALL My new clients pay a deposit 24 hours in advance minimum
  • The more complex the session the more time is required to book, think about what you wish to experience.
  • Note that cash payments into other peoples accounts changed on 24th Jan 2018 to prevent money laundering.  Cash drop offs are possible but will incur an extra *£50 as a meet/greet fee paid 24hrs in advance Amazon GC only
  • Deposits are a vetting & security process and demonstrate that you are making a committed booking
  • Deposits enable Me to set up the play space to the style of the booking and have essential kit required ready for your unique play time.
  • Provided 24 hours notice given to reschedule your session, the deposit will be moved on one occasion only within a 3 month period.  If you cancel on the day you forfeit your deposit and the agreed full fee is payable, if you wish to re-book you will pay a new deposit
  • Amazon vouchers can be purchased online and also from some retailers/super markets.  I require the code off the card a full 24 hours+ before you are due for your session.  The code is revealed when you scratch off the panel.
  • If you send multiple emails and haven’t sent a deposit, be aware this is a time waster tactic so I will ignore you until you send over a 50% deposit

The location will only be given after the booking/deposit is all confirmed. There is free parking close by, come and go discreetly and quietly.  I do not have an open door or revolving door policy here.

On the day of your session please ensure you call at the time of your appointment (do not be early)

Having spent thousands on fetish furniture/ equipment, clothing, My website and advertising etc I won’t be skipping town with your “deposit” I also hold a high regard for My reputation in this industry.  Many of My repeat visitors even happily pay in full on their future appointments to save bringing cash along, this is down to their personal choice and mutual trust built between us.

I look forward to speaking with you and meeting you soon.

Mistress Helen



** I do not use Paypal as it’s a breach of their terms**