Corporal punishment for slave Rhodda

Homework task completed to write up a session and to add some fictional parts 😉

My first session with Mistress Helen exquisite and severe as it was, was preceded by a calming soft drink and a chat and culminated with a recuperative cup of tea. Possibly lulled by this not only was I a little late for my next appointment but slightly disorientated, I was so keen to attend I failed to call her as per the previous arrangement from the parking space and knocked straight on the door.

No sooner had the door opened and I entered and taken off my shoes than turning round I received four stinging slaps to the face, two right cheek. two left. “How stupid can you be” she stated. “”Are you incapable of following instructions and getting anything right. Get upstairs immediately, strip off and I want you nose against the wall, on tip toe and hands on head. And woe betide you if you can’t get that right.” I ran to obey as she shouted after me that she’d be up only when she was ready.
So quickly had events unfolded I was struggling to remember what Mistress was wearing. I was pretty sure it was the fascinating head prefect look, stiff tight white blouse, tie, black micro miniskirt revealing her gorgeous long legs in seamed stockings and high heels.
It was sometime before I heard the click of the heels enter the room. I knew it would be a mistake to turn round and also there would be no praise for having adopted the ordered position. I heard rustling of equipment and when told to turn Mistress was standing before me quietly tapping an evil looking two tailed tawse against her hand.
“Behave like a stupid boy and I will treat you like one. Six of the tawse on each hand” she barked. As instructed I put my hands out one at a time and received six thunderously stinging blows on each. Even that wasn’t enough to calm her temper. Mistress deemed that I had tried to pull my hands away on three occasions, so those three were repeated. At least I wasn’t stupid enough to try and argue even though I hadn’t moved.
Then, thankfully we moved to the session proper and I was collared, hand and ankle cuffed and had a dog lead attached to my collar. “Now slave” Mistress said while giving each nipple a devastating tweak, “I want you to lick my shoes and then my toes.” When I was on all fours before her,Mistress placed her foot across the dog lead so that, when she furiously pulled on it, the lead ran between toe and heel wedging my face against the side of her foot. In this difficult position I had to try and polish her shoes with my tongue. When she was either satisfied or bored by my efforts she ordered me across her spanking bench where I was tightly secured.
Mistress then chose a selection of canes, long with curved handle, short thin, short thick, stiff thick and her favourite palm frond, all of which she laid out where I could see them in the mirror. Without a warm up she worked her way through, twelve strokes with each. I very soon realised her asking me to chose one at a time did not mean I wasn’t going to get them all used on me. It was an agony and an ecstasy. At the end she said I had been wriggling too much and proceeded to tie up my balls and secure them tightly to the bench and also secured my collar so that I could not move my head. Then having blindfolded and gagged me she said she had emails to attend to and would be back to punish me later. I heard her heels click out and the door close behind her.
I waited for a while, welts throbbing deliciously on buttocks and thighs until eventually I heard the door and the heels tapping again on the wood floor, they stopped behind me and then silence. After an age suddenly a biting shock on my right buttock, I tried to cry out through the gag, it stopped and micro seconds later the same pain near but not in the same place. Six more times the same shooting pain followed by the ongoing trauma inflaming a small area.
When the agony eased somewhat I heard my Mistress’s voice saying “Now slave you have my brand and you are mine”
Finally she said I had done so well she would finish me off and give me twelve with her favourite riding crop with a star at the end in the hope of putting twelve star marks on me. These I had to count and thank her for.
Mistress then released me and she was again sweetness and light as we returned downstairs and chatted over a cup of tea before I went into the night and on my way beautifully glowing.