Written by R and thank you I really enjoyed myself very much too 😉  This was a superb stop off appointment on my travels to Berkshire for the double domme date with my mate http://mistressjane.co.uk/  I have seen R before and know him rather well now that a session at his place was arranged before settling in with MJ.  I packed a bespoke kit to take along with me and my massage couch as it’s more discreet than trying to fit a bench into my car.  In regards the strap-on play I believe it was Eight different positions!

First of all thank you again for a great time.

Here is my take on the evening.

Helen arrived unloaded her bags of tricks & parked in my garden giving me the opportunity to lay a path of old bed linen in Frances Drake fashion to keep her boots clean.

After a nice cup of tea & a light snack we were off. Commanded to undress & stand before her then to my knees for some delightful stocking clad leg & heel worship with instruction & encouragement & a tantalizing small area of bare thigh offered for my eager lips. Then it was punishment time tied & secured I was gently flogged at first just teasing my back then getting firmer & harder a harbinger of things to come.

Well come they did in the shape of a tawse or flexible paddle  on the buttocks a safe maximum quickly established my bum was brought up to the heat & colour  Helen (& I) desired.
Next began the climax of the session for me starting with me restrained on the massage table I was gently lubed & probed then a but plug was administered then you guessed it a larger one. When Helen was satisfied it was on with the strap-on & off to the bed what followed was a torrid buggering using position after position I (who had only ever had this once briefly & in the traditional manner) was completely blown away by it & I am sure Helen was enjoying herself too. At this point I should point out that throughout the session Helen was encouraging me with great fantasies to fit the scenario which I am sure she would have picked up & run with if I had taken the bait. After a Quick break & a chat It was over her knee for a hand & brush spank on my now tender behind then a final bugger bent over my desk.

A real treat from a great professional who clearly enjoys her work.