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Hello peeps, well it has been rather a long time since I have blogged, naughty Mistress Helen Ryder!  I will spank my own bottom thank you 🙂

Rest assured I am well, working, still taking sessions and thoroughly enjoying them.  To be perfectly honest I lost my mojo writing blogs for a while, keep putting it off.  Many an evening whilst logged into phone chat I have had every intention of writing something but having a big fluffy blanket on my lap and a big warm cat on top isn’t really conducive to having a laptop on my lap and typing!  But the kitty is keeping me warm!

The stupid cost of living is hitting us all, how I would love to get the big boss’s of the energy suppliers over my bench and give them a darn good thrashing and make them pay £410 to me to cover my monthly gas/leccy outgoings!!  So on that note I have put a very small increase of £10/£20 on tributes and I was due a raise anyway.

I haven’t added to my clips4sale for a very long time, the law and clip sites keep moving the goal posts with what content is allowed to be posted.  Some Mistress’s seem to get away with posting quite extreme play and then others get shot down in flames.  I’m of the opinion that much of what happens in sessions can stay behind closed doors and I am not prepared to put myself way out there to then potentially bite myself on the derriere.

I do still upload some mini clips to my Adult Work private clip store so that you all have something to wet your appetites and see that I’m still VERY active and playing.

If you haven’t been to see me for a very long time then do book a session as just receiving a hello email isn’t really related or conductive in running this amazing business I’ve chosen to do.  I am answering emails to those who are actively seeking to book in for a brilliant play time.   CP Impact Play, Pegging, Bondage, EStim, Sissy Maids, Cross Dressers, Tie and Tease, Medical Role Play being just some of the interests that I have.  Do check the very comprehensive information within my website.

Over and out for now

Mistress Helen Ryder, West Sussex Dominatrix, Disciplinarian and Fetish Kinkster

Looking forward to seeing my regular players and newbies are most welcome to get in touch, a deposit will always be required within a TWO email exchange.

Keep your peepers peeled for an incoming blog later this week about one of the amazing sessions I’ve recently had the pleasure of 😉