Booking Procedures

If you are unable to email me either before or after a brief chat on the phone then do NOT contact Me.  An email is essential you see and I will not progress to a booking without one.  I do not conduct ANY bookings via texting.

My time is most productive plotting/planning sessions so that we both get the best experience, genuine sincere clients NEVER quibble about paying a non returnable deposit and understand the reasons.

  • The deposit must be paid within one phone call and 2 email exchange max in order to progress
  • Brief phone call is essential, show your mobile number & please do not text or leave voice mails
  • Email an “outline” of session interests with a minimum of 3 dates/times you can commit to and desired length of session. Be Polite! Sending over just one email with one date and no duration without including your timings is not helpful.  I require this each time you book
  • Read My site for all basic information before you call and email
  • The more complex the session the more time is required to book, think about what you wish to experience
  • A non returnable deposit is required for ALL first time appointments, I will create a unique ref number for when you pay into my account once we have agreed to session. You can make on-line transfer or attend your own bank with My details and ask them to send the deposit over, 1hr dep £30, 90 mins £45, 2 hrs £60, 3hrs £90 4+ hours 50%.
  • Deposits are a vetting & security process as you are coming to my well equipped playspace in my home & not a shop or work unit on an industrial estate.  I do NOT use Paypal or any other methods.
  • Provided 24 hours notice given to reschedule your session, the deposit will be moved on one occasion only, after that you deposit again
  • After booking paying a deposit, please write all salient points in one email.  One sentence email ping pong is counter productive for us both and makes it difficult to keep track of where we are
  • With the deposit in place we can have a good chat in much more detail and start building on a great rapport so we both get the very best from your time with Me
  • Want an urgent same day booking, the deposit still applies and it will be 50% with TWO hours notice required from your call to session, the deposit MUST be paid in an hour before you are due to attend.  If you then have a change of heart/cancel/car breaks down etc you forfeit your deposit.

The location will only be given after the booking/deposit is all confirmed. I will not give out my private address without a deposit in place. There is free parking close by, come and go discreetly and quietly.

On the day of your session please ensure you call at the time of your appointment and not 30 mins etc earlier as I may not be ready to receive you.  Please present the balance of the tribute on arrival before the session commences.

Small deposits were put in place so that the really genuine people that want to come and see me, will secure a booking and not lose out.

ALL first time bookings require a deposit.

ALL future repeat visits of two hours+ require a deposit.

Having spent thousands on fetish furniture/ equipment, clothing, My website and advertising etc I won’t be skipping town with your “deposit”

I look forward to speaking with you and meeting you soon.

Mistress Helen


Attention time wasters only***If after engaging in a phone call, an email, agreement to session and taking my bank details I do not receive a deposit within 48 hours of the session.  I will circulate your details on the Time Waster forums to warn others of you! ***