Hello subs, slaves, kinksters, sissies and all that read My blogs

On Monday 2nd September it is back to the farm part two!  We are filming that day from 11am to late afternoon/early eve and the tribute is £100 My own known players can book through Me and all new enquiries then please contact Miss Kitty Bliss

25th September we are holding a caning party from 1:30pm to 4:30pm for £150 tribute, we plan to have around 3 to 5 max attendees.  It will be lots of fun, some great banter and you will all be leaving with warm rosey or striped bottoms, depending on the level you like to play.

Also on 25th September after the party is double domination sessions and double domme on 26th September before heading out to Club Pedestal.  Double Domme tribute starts at £220 for one hour.

We will require a driver to pick up from Burgess Hill to Vauxhall, you may attend with us, return us safely back to Burgess Hill, apply via My contact details.  If you are not already known to us then we will of course vet you, take a deposit so that you do not let us down on the night.  On completion of your mission your deposit will be returned but if you cancel then we keep it to pay for our transport.

So many wonderful opportunities to come and play and serve, looking forward to seeing you soon.

It was a hot day in the clinic and Chief Consultant Helen Ryder had Miss Kitty Bliss an expert in her field of hypnosis as well as fully fledged in other medical areas in for a second opinion on a particularly difficult patient we shall refer to as Mr Brown.
On approaching the clinic Ms Ryder could hear voices and listened for a few minutes, she could hear Mr Brown not only providing his full medical history but talking about his deviant perversions very openly with absolute glee and on entering the room she saw a big smirk on his face.
“Mr Brown, your deviance is nothing to be proud of, wipe that smirk off your face”
“sorry miss”  he looked down but seemed to be rather proud of himself
“Where is your urine sample? Ms Ryder raised an eyebrow at Mr Brown and looked very stern
“I forgot it miss”
“Well that’s simply not good enough, come with me”
Mr Brown was taken to the toilet and Ms Ryder stood over him with a plastic jug ready to take his sample.
“I can’t seem to go” he looked very embarrassed.
“Back into the room then Mr Brown, we shall continue with your treatments”
“Thank you Ms Bliss for coming along today to give a second opinion on Mr Browns condition, I do believe you really are the best in your field and I think some future hypnosis sessions might get him back on the straight and narrow”
Ms Bliss agreed and between them they came up with a series of tests known as “attitude adjusters” and “Perversion Therapy” also known as PT but not as you might know it at the gym!
Between them a series of nipple clamping took place, being attached for a while and then removed, adjusted, pulled off and reattached at regular intervals as Mr Brown gave every single account of his perverted ways.  They did indeed become very sensitive and sore and rather took the wind out of his sails as time went by and his enthusiasm about his perverted ways became far less.
Mr Brown wasn’t very blessed with his manhood and hasn’t had sexual intercourse for a very long time, we strongly suspect that Mrs Brown simply finds him very perverse and disappointing in the bedroom department and most likely has a lover.  He is known to get an erection at the very sign of a bit of ankle display (how Victorian)  and yet he can not maintain it for very long and also suffers from premature ejaculation, oh dear!
It was discussed that Br Brown might be best off having full gender reassignment to become female and be a much more useful member of society, this would also give Mrs Brown some lovely female companionship.  Mr Brown would become Ms Brown over time but meanwhile could enrol in some training to initially become a cuckold and then fluffer to Mrs Browns lovers.  Meanwhile Mr Brown could also be put into chastity and his cock would be known as a clitty cock, being as it wouldn’t be able to get an erection caged!
An experimental injection of feminisation fluid was then injected into Mr Browns glans, he shrieked as it went in and complained, tut tut, the next procedure would have to be very painful indeed.  Any sign of an erection quickly went away!
Just to be certain Ms Bliss and Ms Ryder each took up a rubber cock whipper and thoroughly administered a series of hits on the glans, shaft and testes, he had to be gagged in order to proceed further.
The whole of the penile/groin area was fully prepared with antiseptic, clinnel wipes, Iodine swabs for the Esim sound to be administered.  Electrodes were attached to his perineum and Ms Bliss expertly inserted the sound into his well lubricated  urethral tract explaining to Mr Brown that this would be the only form of fucking he gets to receive as she pulled the sound up and let it sink down again.  Meanwhile the control box was gradually turned up.
“Tell us about your first panty experience”  Mr Brown gave a full account in graphic detail, which gave him an erection as he conveyed the story across.  The electrics were intensified, as well as the nipples repeatedly tortured to give him the pain/pleasure aversion therapy.  It was a good job he was tightly restrained as he would have been leaping up in the air.
It was essential to also take a sample from him to check for live swimmers in his semen (most unlikely with the injection) the wand was bought out and the shaft of his penis stimulated, this would normally take some time in a healthy virile male but on this occasion after barely being stimulated he cried out that he was coming, no time to catch the sample in the petri dish that it splashed onto the bench and the sample was ruined.
Mr Brown will be attending the Kink clinic again in the near future no doubt!
As Mr Brown was dressing he expressed that he didn’t find Ms Helen Ryder quite as daunting as her red head twin sister Helen Ann Ryder who will be attending his next medical most likely with Ms Bliss, these men never learn!  Ms Bliss shook her head and asked if he wanted to leave fully intact!
Thank you for a great session on Friday.
I booked a session with Mistress Helen and was asked if it would be OK to have another slave caged in the room during our session. That’s fine by me as I do like voyeurs present to witness my pain and add to my humiliation.
On arriving I was greeted by Mistress Helen who is an absolute beauty and a very powerful strong Mistress not to be underestimated.
As I had requested anal training, Mistress administered an enema on my arrival to clean me out ready for what was to come.  On entering Mistresses play room I saw the caged slave bound and wearing a nappy and nothing else.
Mistress informed me that he would be in the cage for quite some time without release hence the nappy.  Mistress proceeded to strap me down over her bench with my legs spread and my arse in a very vulnerable position.  Two or three firms slaps were then administer to by arse.
On went a blind fold before Mistress squeezed my cock and balls with a hand full of nettles that did make me yelp.  She then rubbed the nettles up through my butt cheeks ensuring that my hole was well stung and boy was it.  Mistress instructed me to take her strap on deep into my dirty mouth and worship it like a real cock. I do love cock in my mouth, just a shame it wasn’t a real one this time.
Mistress proceeded to lube up my arsehole, again intensifying the stings.  I could feel Mistress finger my hole gradually adding other fingers as my hole relaxed.  Mistress then gave my arse a real good fucking with her beautifully sized strap on and removed my mask so I could watch in a mirror.  The cage slave was quiet, so I taunted him with the thought that he might well be on the receiving end of Mistresses strap on later in the day.  Mistress then applied some heat cream around the inside of my arse causing me to moan a little before a further hard fucking of my sore hole.
It was a great mixture of pain and pleasure, before Mistress released me and moved me to the top of her cage containing the other slave.  My legs were hoisted wide and high again leaving my arse fully exposed.  Once strapped down Mistress applied more nettles to my cock and balls as well as rubbing nettles hard into my nipples and arsehole.  Clamps were then attached to my very sore nipples, before the chain was hoisted up above me drawing the clamp tight.
The cage slave lying beneath me was still quite and I suggested that maybe he should have some nettles placed in his nappy and Mistress through that was a good idea!
He did moan and groan and Mistress duck taped his nappy tightly back in place.
I did get a buzz from hearing him, quite clearly in discomfort. After all he had seen me in enough.  Mistress proceeded to stretch my hole forcing me to take four fingers up to her knuckles. Work in progress to accepting Mistresses fist.  Mistress did feel that I should book a Bi session as she would love to see both my holes filled as I was spit roasted, sounds amazing and will be happening real soon.  A further hard fucking by Mistress followed before she inserted nettles into my very sore swollen hole. It was very uncomfortable and the stinging remained with all areas of my body for at least 24 hours.  Mistress allowed me to orgasm whilst tugging on me nipple clamp and then told me to open wide as she dropped my spunk into my greedy mouth.
Cage slave was offered some but declined!!
Thank you Mistress Helen and I need to start planning my next session

For the whole month of August the alternate massage will be £100 for an hour.

Book an alternate massage session as a change of play and a form of escapism. It can also be a gentle introduction to BDSM if you are new and a tad nervous!

A gorgeous feast for the senses!  Either tied with soft rope or silky scarves (or left unbound) whilst I tease, stroke and manipulate your body including some very light flogging and massage techniques etc.  We will sit and chat about what can be incorporated into your bespoke massage session and leave out anything that you do not wish to experience.

This will be very popular so book now

Every so often I have some dates where the tribute is a tad lower to help those out without deep pockets!

One hour is £100

1.5 hours is £150

All over duration’s remain at full price, extras on vet wrap, enema and water sports still apply.

The above doesn’t include any filming or audio recording of the session unless you sign a model release form along with your id so that I can use these on various adult platforms.  You can wear a mask for filming.


Wednesday 28th August

Wednesday 23rd October

Wednesday 18th December

A reminder that Burgess Hill is just a one hour train ride from London and only 20 mins from Gatwick airport, 20 mins ish from Brighton with free easy parking!  No meters or parking restrictions to worry about when you are here to play.

Yes you read it right! Not the bake off although it did involve cake!

What a scream we all had filming yesterday at My place in Burgess Hill, three sissy maids all dressed in their satin dress’s, stockings, high heels, latex mask faces, elegant wigs, lots of frills and fake boobs. We started off in the kitchen where they had a task to decorate their fairy cakes as fancy as possible and impress Me, there was a twist that it would be wankies over them to put extra icing on top.

Two eager maids lined up all excited and some teasing, one was locked in chastity haha so no icing there and the other I decided wouldn’t be allowed until later!

Epic fail of finishing off the decoration so of course they had to be spanked……..

and spanked some more and then marched up to the dungeon and maid Natalie had to be fluffer on My Mistress cock and get it ready for maid Samantha’s hole whilst maid Penelope was filming.

Maid Natalie was allowed to give My high heels a good polish with her tongue and then later was roped into her dress with some nice secure Shibari, how she wriggled and loved the tight rope hugging her satin dress against her skin.

Maid Penelope then had the tables turned and first given a good spanking and CP/caning on the bench and then she was roped down on the bondage bed and tickled and teased until she made a very sticky mess!

Maid Samantha (My personal maid) I made sure I made very good use of her later!  I’ve been making further kinky use of her today too!

Just a fairly normal Saturday in My household


I know how many of you love tight restrictive bondage and sometimes that also includes access to certain parts that can be played with!  I’m adding vet wrap to My repertoire in sessions of 90 mins plus.  An additional fee of £30 simply to cover the wrap which will be used on you (one use only) it comes in a variety of superb colours and MUST be booked in advance as I will not be keeping a large stock in My dungeon, it will be ordered on an adhoc basis at the time of your booking and deposit with added sundries.

If you want layers upon layers of vet wrap then the fee will be greater, if you wish to bring along your own rolls of it then My tribute will be at the usual rates.

I had lots of fun over the weekend in a domestic setting with some bright sunny yellow wrap, keeping it clean on here so I have edited the pics 😉 the contrast of a very red striped bottom against the yellow was very artistic.  Rest assured all play is bespoke to your particular interests.

If you do not pay the deposit as verbal/email agreement and FAIL to notify me or reply to My polite email reminder then your details will be circulated.

If your personal life or work is too hectic at present then simply wait until you can give your full attention to serving Me or coming out to play!

If you have no intention at all of ever actually committing to a session then simply don’t contact Me or any other sex worker.  Karma can be a real bitch & you will only be proving to yourself that you are a complete bellend!


Teaming up with My little sis of deviance Miss Kitty Bliss for all manner of BDSM fun, book your play times ASAP!  We are offering sessions to the nervous newbie as well as experienced players.

Miss Kitty Bliss is available for some hypno sessions 121 and you will need to contact her direct in advance regarding the style of hypno script along with a deposit to her.

Send over an email with an outline of your particular interests and then follow up with a phone call.