I have an exciting announcement!!!

I have created a Loyal Fans account and you can now subscribe for photo shoots, clips, see snippets from my daily life etc, which is far more saucy than you get to see in sessions!

Miss Helen Ryder’s Official Social Fan Page | LoyalFans

You will get to see exclusive photo sets not uploaded to My website and be able to support Me in My online venture by liking, following, make positive comments, subscribing and tipping.

Tipping shows greatly the appreciation for My work and efforts and helps to fund new exciting latex outfits and sexy lingerie from high end brands such as Honey Birdette or Agent Provocateur etc   Thank you!

Head on over to My Loyal Fans and subscribe



Mistress Helen xXx

Blog updated: Miss Helen Ryder’s Official Social Fan Page | LoyalFans

Double Domme 12th July with Miss Kitty Bliss, set at a special lower rate for this occasion, so don’t miss out and snap it up whilst you can!

If you pay your non refundable deposit and can not attend closer to the date then the 50% paid will go towards a new date (within three months) solo or DD but at the new DD rate on Our next event or towards my usual solo rate not this DD special.  Our next event for a full DD day will be £260 for one hour!

Less than 24hrs notice to cancel you will forfeit your deposit and the full balance will be required, thank you.

Sessions in Burgess Hill

Email Me helen-ryder@hotmail,com to apply

One hour £210

90 mins £350

Two hours £420

Blog updated

Miss Helen Ryder’s Official Social Fan Page | LoyalFans


Hi kinksters and all

Just to update you that I’m away from 7th June to 12th Inclusive at a music festival and due to the high volume of people there, the internet will probably be very hit no miss!  I will not be able to reply to emails during that time frame so please be patient.  I also won’t be able to do #PhoneChats during the time away due to lack of internet logging in, noise levels and not encroaching pervy chats onto the general public!

I will check emails from 8pm on 12th June, those who send non refundable deposits with deposit within subject heading will get priority!

I’ve been having lots of great fun with my regular players and I do see new people too.  When you email me and I’ve replied with booking/deposit information, please ensure you follow them and then you can be booked in at the earliest opportunity to come and play.

All my latest pictures/information is always updated on My Twitter on a regular basis, as well as Adult Work.

I’m popping up several new pics taken this past week, enjoy 😉  When I return from the festival I will be joining Loyal Fans and ALL of my saucy content will be only available behind a paywall!  Sign up when I go live for more explicit content and other surprises.

Kinky wishes

Mistress Helen Ryder of West Sussex

Blog updated

Miss Helen Ryder’s Official Social Fan Page | LoyalFans


Phew what an exciting week of playmates I have had, not gonna kiss and tell though!  Thanks for ALL the amazing fun n games you fantastic players XXXXXXXXX




A tonne of flakes!


Read the booking/deposit info blog and do exactly as I have asked, further emails stating you “might” be available and what’s My diary like will be ignored until you provide information asked and money hits My account.


I do require a little more notice to book playtimes at either the Brighton Dungeon or The Gatwick Dungeon if you wish to session at either of those locations instead of Burgess Hill


Over n out for now

Keep it kinky

Mistress Helen

Blog updated

Miss Helen Ryder’s Official Social Fan Page | LoyalFans

Hello peeps, well it has been rather a long time since I have blogged, naughty Mistress Helen Ryder!  I will spank my own bottom thank you 🙂

Rest assured I am well, working, still taking sessions and thoroughly enjoying them.  To be perfectly honest I lost my mojo writing blogs for a while, keep putting it off.  Many an evening whilst logged into phone chat I have had every intention of writing something but having a big fluffy blanket on my lap and a big warm cat on top isn’t really conducive to having a laptop on my lap and typing!  But the kitty is keeping me warm!

The stupid cost of living is hitting us all, how I would love to get the big boss’s of the energy suppliers over my bench and give them a darn good thrashing and make them pay £410 to me to cover my monthly gas/leccy outgoings!!  So on that note I have put a very small increase of £10/£20 on tributes and I was due a raise anyway.

I haven’t added to my clips4sale for a very long time, the law and clip sites keep moving the goal posts with what content is allowed to be posted.  Some Mistress’s seem to get away with posting quite extreme play and then others get shot down in flames.  I’m of the opinion that much of what happens in sessions can stay behind closed doors and I am not prepared to put myself way out there to then potentially bite myself on the derriere.

I do still upload some mini clips to my Adult Work private clip store so that you all have something to wet your appetites and see that I’m still VERY active and playing.

If you haven’t been to see me for a very long time then do book a session as just receiving a hello email isn’t really related or conductive in running this amazing business I’ve chosen to do.  I am answering emails to those who are actively seeking to book in for a brilliant play time.   CP Impact Play, Pegging, Bondage, EStim, Sissy Maids, Cross Dressers, Tie and Tease, Medical Role Play being just some of the interests that I have.  Do check the very comprehensive information within my website.

Over and out for now

Mistress Helen Ryder, West Sussex Dominatrix, Disciplinarian and Fetish Kinkster

Looking forward to seeing my regular players and newbies are most welcome to get in touch, a deposit will always be required within a TWO email exchange.

Keep your peepers peeled for an incoming blog later this week about one of the amazing sessions I’ve recently had the pleasure of 😉



Dear all

Well we are nearly there, almost another year under our kinky belts and what fun times it’s been 🙂 thank you so much to all the wonderful players who’ve graced My playroom or hired dungeons and had so much fun.

I am away between 23rd to 26th December inclusive and taking sessions from 27th December and up to 4pm on New Years Eve.  Then I am available from 2nd January 2023  I expect EVERYONE  to read My website & send a polite email with brief outline and dates/times in your first contact, lots of very silly messages this week by email with 2 liners and ditto text messaging, ALL of which I have not replied to for obvious reasons!  If your email is along the lines of My own interests and we are compatible I will ask you to send a deposit and follow up with a chat and get you booked in.  Failure to deposit will result in your details going onto the time wasters lists and life time ban.

Going forward for 2023 I very much welcome new clients as well as my wonderful existing base of couples, females and gents to return.  I will on occasions advertise double domme.  With regards to filming: laws constantly changing and the pain of keeping model release forms, Id and such like I have no set plans to start filming with anyone in the near future, watch my website for updates  for any changes.  I have been filming solo POV clips for AdultWork over the last year.

Lots of talk on Twitter about ladies working in the adult industry being booted off, this could potentially happen.  If it does then keep an eye on my blogs for recent pics/info and any links for any other social media.  If anyone spots my photos elsewhere on the net without a direct link to my website, mobile phone number as listed on this site or my Adult Work link then please let me know as my content does get stolen and when I started out I didn’t watermark images, then I started doing so and then not bothered again as it often spoils the look of a photo.  Always make sure the profile really is me!

Thank you for the kind generous players who have treated me through the year, with meals out, birthday and Christmas gifts and the friendships formed even though it is a paid exchange, dynamics grow, friendships form, sometimes it’s just one off sessions for those with a bucket list of Dommes or kink to do, that’s ok but I do prefer the ones who build a great rapport over time.


Every day I spend working doing what I love is like a visit to Wonderland, please keep this kinky Alice in wonderland.

Sending love, light and many pleasures your way

Mistress Helen xXx


I’ve been running a successful business for over 14yrs now, during that time I have seen and heard every excuse under the sun to not being able to pay a deposit.

If you write/ring me & follow up with an email and I ask for a deposit and also ask for your next contact to be that you’ve sent it and there is any excuse that it has not been sent, contact will end there.

Not having online banking set up is always/often one excuse, yet your bank will send over money to any account at your request, you can just attend a branch!

Just over the course of the last week gone I have received 12 emails for sessions and out of those 4 were genuine, who paid and committed to coming.

If you have so much time on your hands to waste, then do some charitable work!  Most charities are often looking for volunteers, make yourself useful to society.

Over and out

Mistress Helen

P.S Thank you to the wonderful people who follow My booking procedures and value My time and their own XX

Hi kinksters, subs/slaves, sissies and all

I flew back Monday evening and have been playing catch up on emails yesterday and had my lovely sissy maid Anna over to do some chores to ready the play rooms and house for the bookings ahead.

Some very good boys have sent deposits today, thank you for keeping it simple and giving this Mistress commitment and a busy diary ahead.

Sadly someone contacting me on Adult Work has proved to be a terrible time waster and has got himself on the blocked list! Congratulations and there he shall stay.  The only way to get unblocked is full payment upfront and then send an email to say it’s been paid.

Moving on as I find these silly negatives rather tiresome.

I had a lovely time away, added to my light tan and freckle collection too 🙂 I won’t bore you with holiday pics on here, as I did post lots on Twitter.

I have added sensual massage back to my repertoire of activities for those not wanting any form of BDSM, just looking for a sensual teasing massage with some added stress relief at the end.

Looking forward to the vast array of fun and games I offer to you lucky lot and the fantastic bookings already firmly booked in, thank you.

See you soon

Mistress/Ms Helen  xXx



Hi folks

I’m away from 2nd to 12th September and currently have limited availability up to the 1st so get in quick before I jet off!

Sessions will then resume from 14th September as I will be checking emails/admin on 13th September and may not be looking over my work emails very much whilst away.

My work phone will be left behind in the UK and switched off!  I will not be able to do Dommeline or Adult Work chats whilst abroad.  Spend your money on My Adult Work galleries and mini clips to keep you busy whilst I am away.  Send deposits for sessions for my return.

I will be feeding My Twitter feed as and when able, with snippets of promo, news and pics.

Playtimes available on the following dates before I go are:

Friday 26th August from 2pm to 9pm

Sat 27th August 11am to 8pm

Sunday 28th August 11am to 8pm

Monday 29th August 11am to 9pm

Tuesday 30th Double Domme with Miss Kitty Bliss, a playtime is available from midday to 2pm or at 4:30pm

Weds 31st August 1:30pm to 8pm