Wishing ALL My subs, slaves, sissies, kinksters & players a wonderful festive time and thanks for a great year of fun n frolics in real time or phone sessions.  It’s been a blast! 🙂

I will pop on phone chat briefly Christmas day in between cooking/eating and I am around tomorrow Christmas Eve and Boxing Day.

Anyone wanting to pay me direct for chats, should do so first, SEND & then email or WhatsApp message, your name/sent as subject.

For those who are lonely and suffering with MH or can’t afford a chat with me, then do call the Samaritans but keep it clean!

Any of my boys who haven’t yet sent a gift, money tributes are great and will go towards further ink on my arm next year,  Pop Christmas Ink as ref into my account.

Merry Chritmas

Mistress Helen XXX

Happy 20th Birthday to Club Pedestal in London, congratulations to Derek and his team, one of the longer standing Fetish Clubs.

TWENTY yrs how time flies!  I’ve been attending Club Pedestal for the last 15yrs! I don’t attend every time it’s on as I often have clients booked in for the day after.  Crawling into My pit at 5/6am after travelling home doesn’t leave much in the way of sleep but boy it’s worth it!

It’s so lovely to catch up with some of My Mistress pals and a great night out.  I’ve been invited to attend the slave selection evening and be a “House Dominatrix” but living outside of London I simply don’t have the time to spare.

Ladies: If you haven’t yet been to Club Pedestal then I recommend that you do, on arrival into the venue you will be greeted by kneeling slaves and be presented with a rose.  There is a Fetlife corner tour of the venue available, you will meet lots of new people and make great connections and new friends quite quickly.  I’ve driven there in the past on My own and not felt at all out of place.

There are various areas in the club, space to play, fair amount of equipment, I love the trample cage! A row of subs are like juicy sausages on the floor just waiting to be squished! They have a cabaret show, which is fun to watch.   In the past I have added some fun/slighty strange requests into the Maitre D’s black book, some of those being a sub to be a human frog to hop 3 circuits of the club making frog noises (Myself and the sub creased up with laughter & his knees killing him)  a lap dance from a fit hunk (Mmmmm thanks Maximus I won’t forget that one)  one Christmas I made a sub dress up and sing from the main bar Christmas songs standing on a table.  As well as the usual foot worship, receive a public thrashing, wait on Me, fetch drinks and be a foot stall etc.  Little Muffin also really needs a mention here, a sub who had a full western saddle and used to carry Ladies on his back.

It’s a great playground for Dominant Ladies!

See if you can spot Me in the gallery archives from over the years 🙂 Club Pedestal



They haven’t transferred my money into my account, which was sent from Niteflirt to the MassPay platform at the end of October and I received my payment link 6th November, which I then requested my payment (SEPA).  I have raised a ticket with Niteflirt (still waiting on a reply)  I have also emailed MassPay 11 times and logged a formal complaint as they are in breach of terms of service.

Niteflirt continue to have MassPay mentioned on the site as a means of UK creators/phone flirts to get paid, this is shocking considering the amount of people who haven’t received money! I doubt that I will ever receive the money I worked hard for!

I ask for my fans to please call me via the following methods:

Book a call direct with me and pay by Bank transfer, Wishtender or send an Amazon gift code to my email of

Call me via Dommeline, rates apply and you must be over 18yrs with bill payers permission.

Or Adultwork, ditto re rules stated above.












Have you been thinking of booking for a session and don’t quite know what style of play you might be into?

I often receive emails from new people who have no idea what they wish to experience, where as others have a deep seated fetish going back years.  It’s often the mature gents who are into domestic discipline from their school days of receiving the cane or slipper.  Thankfully the new generation are also very curious about this, so it’s not dying out!

I have a diverse range of fetish interests so whilst I do not cater to every fetish, there is a great scope of range for those who wish to explore several kinks.

One kink that I do not get to live out as often as I would like is “Tickle Torture” Just recently I received some calls from a gent in the US who is very into it, he has the most amazing profile on Fetlife dedicated to it and has shared lots of the images with me where I narrate the pics on our NF chats.  It’s absolutely hilarious and I would dearly love to have him mummified and just his soles exposed to tickle!

I had a visit from my sissy maid recently and decided that as well as the usual discipline and body that they could assist in some tickle clips to go onto my Adult Work profile.  We also did a short “maid gets her revenge on Mistress” mini clip, where maid anna started off with light feather pampering on my feet, then turned into tickling.  Oh how I shrieked!  I did cane her after as punishment 🙂 we also took some up to date pics, which I will include just a couple here, enjoy 😉

Kinky wishes

Mistress Helen


Those who wish to be kept under strict lock and key should do so asap for #Locktober

Supply your own chastity, send £250 tribute for the month Bank info on My website Non refundable Then meet to lock up or post a key after payment and arranging via My email:

You will receive some WhatsApp comms to tease/torment or spur you on throughout the month!  Maybe even a couple of video calls at a mutually arranged time.

For those not wishing to participate in Locktober that prefer a playtime with release included (if desired and appropriate) then book your October session.

I am logged in every day on #Phonechats in between/around any real time sessions.  I am usually on chat in the evenings.  This is perfect for those who want a top up of interaction outside of playtimes, to stay in touch with Mistress or want to build a rapport before perhaps booking in a session.  Some just need a release on the phone and I am in the top 6% on #Dommeline

Mistress Helen Ryder | Dommeline

I also have profiles for chat on Adult Work and NiteFlirt


On Adult Work there is plenty of more racy images and short clips to view, whilst I’m fast asleep please ensure I wake up to sales and tributes.  You can also send via Wishtender  whether it’s a smaller gift of coffee/cake or a big generous tip.  It’s all appreciated and for some of you, it’s better off in my account to spend then have you waste it on beer etc…..

What a fantastic way to start the day seeing all the lovely tributes and sales, put a beaming smile upon my face!

Kinky wishes

Mistress Helen XX

Please be aware that I will NOT play with anyone who asks for me to play without a safe word in place!  I work on body language in sessions so I can 99.9% tell when I am playing with someone that I’m within their safe area of play.  BDSM play is 110% about consent on both sides, but especially the submissive.


LEGAL NOTE: ALL play is with your FULL consent given, safe words/0r safe action in place & they MUST be used if you want an activity or session to completely stop.  I will then stop the session, check if you wish to continue in ANY aspect.  ANY play that took place before you used a safe word or action such as tapping/ringing a tiny bell (pre agreed upon) was legal with your full consent, not coerced in any way!


The sub can withdraw consent at any time in a session, just as in vanilla life with sexual interaction.  If someone express’s the top to stop an activity then it stops.  I’ve heard of quite a few people recently who have had an ex state that they have been coerced in order to cause trouble.

I have never partaken in blackmail style play, where you give access to various accounts etc.  I am very clear on this on my do/don’ts on this website. I try my best to keep my business within the law.

I do not take or post extreme images My X feed (previously known as Twitter) or with filming or other places on the web.

I am well aware that other dommes have far more extreme images out there and I sincerely hope that they do not fall foul of the law.

Phone related: When calling me on the phone lines, please ensure you have read the phone guidance and rules as some play topics or discussions are against the rules!  I am not allowed to encourage you to use any form of intox over the phone, if you wish to use aromas then that is purely on you.  Regarding silent calls, you have to express in the first few seconds of connection your fetish/silent call request and preferably say bye when you hang up.   This is so you can’t say you pocket dialled!

It is also illegal for me to actually blackmail you on the phone, do not ask!  I can weave a fantasy chat along the lines of  “imagine if I were to take pictures of you dressed like a sissy slut & post them”  Not the actual doing of it.

The brain is the biggest sexual organ, which effects the little organ.  Lets engage our brains in a safe sane and consenting manner, without breaking laws!

Over and out for now

Mistress Helen


Good day everyone

My birthday is 24th August, I’m popping down some ideas for those who would like to send a gift.

Bank transfer or cash in person to go towards some further ink to finish colouring my arm, see above Wishtender link (another way to send funds so I can purchase)

All Saints clothing vouchers

Amazon gift codes

I am working on my birthday so any gent who books a playtime and then wishes to whisk me out for a birthday lunch or an evening meal is most welcome to treat me and it will not incur an extra social fee on this occasion!

Kinky wishes

Mistress Helen

Phone Chats available every day on Dommeline, Adult Work and Nite Flirt for all manner of kinks:

Tags for phone chats: JOI, Jerk Off Instruction, jerk off encouragement, Goon, Gooner, Gooning, CEI, Cum Eating Instruction, stockings, nylons, pantyhose, hose, heels, shoes, garters, suspender belt, panties, feminization, feminisation, cross dress, cross dressing, cross dresser, tranny, t girl, tigirl, shemale, she male, lingerie, Female Led Relationship, FLR, Hypnotic, cuckolding, cuck, BBC, Big Black Cock, raceplay, race play, roleplay, role play, FinDom, Financial Domination, beta, small feet, tiny feet, legs, SPH, small penis humiliation, humiliation, spanking, OTK, over the knee, Dom, Domme, Domination, femdom, Female Domination, mistress, cum, spunk, cock, dick, discipline, helen ryder, pictures, clips, audio, tasks, homewrecker, home wrecker, home wrecking, filthy, loser, taboo, English, British, posh, prim, proper, sissie, sissy, strap on, strapon, toy play, intox, intoxication, poppers, peg, pegging, gloryhole, glory hole, worship, Goddess, giantess, macro, micro, confession, confess, slut, whore, bitch, temptress, masturbatrix, MILF, drain, kink, exhibitionist, exhibitionist, rtr, RtR, raise the rate, chastity, cage, mature, older lady,


On occasions I can take a same day appointment and will require a minimum 90 mins notice from the point of calling/email and the deposit being paid within 5 mins of contact/agreement.

My preference is a non refundable bank transfer deposit or an Amazon GC if agreed, let me know when you contact me which one.

If you have a live Adult Work profile with immaculate good feedback from current working ladies then contact me via AW so I can view you and may accept a booking form.

I know many of you get the urge and have limited availability to come out to play.

I will be dressed in an outfit suitable for the playtime, no specific complex outfit requests thank you.

Kinky wishes

Mistress Helen

If you have lots of questions then please ONLY call Me via any of the following platforms, please read/accept call rates first:


Check out my Profile

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Taking Bookings now for this Double Domme playdate, book/deposit to have your playtime firmly in your grasp and in Our diaries!

One hour from £250

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Miss Kitty Bliss (@Miss_KittyBliss) / X (

Any questions or discussion then please call Mistress Helen via her Dommeline when showing available, otherwise just send the deposit first or a call cover fee of £20 for discussion.

Call rates are £2 a min & connection fee on Dommeline:

Mistress Helen Ryder | Dommeline

Or Nite Flirt, call rates apply
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Typed messaging via a WhatsApp package, message after sending with bank ref initials

West Sussex Mistress Helen Ryder (

Please do not use the Loyal Fans messaging platform to discuss real time meets as it is against the T.O.S on there.

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Keep it kinky

Mistress Helen XX