roleplay and humiliation session

Written by slave S, spelling errors etc will be dealt with next time I see him!

So I guess I should start with my first experience of being under the power of a beautiful powerful goddess Mistress Helen after an email outlining my interests and a deposit for my first session ever after dreaming about it for over 10 years I had a short but informative conversation with Mistress Helen I was ready to visit 

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~skip a week or so of self induced panic ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I called when I was outside Mistress Helens my heart was beating so very fast my hands were sweaty and my thoughts were moving at 100miles an hour I was given the all clear to arrive at the location my legs had turned to jelly and I'm amazed I made it to the door as the door was opened I was greeted with an amazing smile and a true goddess standing in front of me dressed in amazing high heels some wolford tights a short but not revealing skirt and a shirt she looked amazing I nearly dropped to my knees then although as it was my first session Mistress Helen wanted to go over my safe word find out more about my interests and set the scene for our role play 

I was a employee on the redundancy list and I had to do anything to keep my job it felt so real in fact a little too real I was scolded by my boss Ms Helen humiliated and put in my place as part of my new role in Ms Helens company I was instructed I would be cleaning her shoes and any other employees shoes that needed it and to keep my job I would have to use my tongue as the company would not pay for cleaning products as I could use my tongue to which I was ordered to my knees and made to lick Ms Helens amazing high heels she pointed out to me that there was mud on them and had accedently stepped in paint that morning and that I should make sure I get it all off . I found out that my staring at the girls nylon covered legs and heels had not gone unnoticed by all the girls in the office and they had a name for me the perv and mr blobby due to my fat ugly body Ms Helen pointed out to me that my life was under her control I would be doing a lot more for her in the future and the other girls in the office . After the shoes had been cleaned to Ms Helens requirements I was ordered to kiss and smell Ms Helens amazing and beautiful nylon feet and smell them I was asked if I needed a drink and my mouth was so dry Ms Helen allowed me to open my mouth and except her powerful spit it tasted so good in my mouth I started to crave more and realised that my new life would be in her hands I ment nothing to her just there for her amusement a toy to pick up and chuck down I was also told I would be locked away in chastity and I would only be able to cum in her presence when she allows this is far from my twice a day habit how will I survive I thought to my self I'm sure Ms Helen can read my mind as at this point she introduced me to her new machine Venus 2000 wow what an intimidating machine I was fastened to my seat and was used for Ms Helens amusement as the machine took control whilst Ms Helen made use of my erect nipples twisting them and pinching them whilst telling me who owned me and that my little clitty should enjoy this as it will be my last time and that if I cum I would be eating it all this was too much for me and before I knew it I was being made to lick my cum out of the reseptical after a few spanks on my fat bottom I was sent on my way craving being in Ms Helens company again I do hope Ms Helen finds some uses for me in the future and let's me out of this infernal cage

Corporal punishment for slave Rhodda

Homework task completed to write up a session and to add some fictional parts 😉

My first session with Mistress Helen exquisite and severe as it was, was preceded by a calming soft drink and a chat and culminated with a recuperative cup of tea. Possibly lulled by this not only was I a little late for my next appointment but slightly disorientated, I was so keen to attend I failed to call her as per the previous arrangement from the parking space and knocked straight on the door.

No sooner had the door opened and I entered and taken off my shoes than turning round I received four stinging slaps to the face, two right cheek. two left. “How stupid can you be” she stated. “”Are you incapable of following instructions and getting anything right. Get upstairs immediately, strip off and I want you nose against the wall, on tip toe and hands on head. And woe betide you if you can’t get that right.” I ran to obey as she shouted after me that she’d be up only when she was ready.
So quickly had events unfolded I was struggling to remember what Mistress was wearing. I was pretty sure it was the fascinating head prefect look, stiff tight white blouse, tie, black micro miniskirt revealing her gorgeous long legs in seamed stockings and high heels.
It was sometime before I heard the click of the heels enter the room. I knew it would be a mistake to turn round and also there would be no praise for having adopted the ordered position. I heard rustling of equipment and when told to turn Mistress was standing before me quietly tapping an evil looking two tailed tawse against her hand.
“Behave like a stupid boy and I will treat you like one. Six of the tawse on each hand” she barked. As instructed I put my hands out one at a time and received six thunderously stinging blows on each. Even that wasn’t enough to calm her temper. Mistress deemed that I had tried to pull my hands away on three occasions, so those three were repeated. At least I wasn’t stupid enough to try and argue even though I hadn’t moved.
Then, thankfully we moved to the session proper and I was collared, hand and ankle cuffed and had a dog lead attached to my collar. “Now slave” Mistress said while giving each nipple a devastating tweak, “I want you to lick my shoes and then my toes.” When I was on all fours before her,Mistress placed her foot across the dog lead so that, when she furiously pulled on it, the lead ran between toe and heel wedging my face against the side of her foot. In this difficult position I had to try and polish her shoes with my tongue. When she was either satisfied or bored by my efforts she ordered me across her spanking bench where I was tightly secured.
Mistress then chose a selection of canes, long with curved handle, short thin, short thick, stiff thick and her favourite palm frond, all of which she laid out where I could see them in the mirror. Without a warm up she worked her way through, twelve strokes with each. I very soon realised her asking me to chose one at a time did not mean I wasn’t going to get them all used on me. It was an agony and an ecstasy. At the end she said I had been wriggling too much and proceeded to tie up my balls and secure them tightly to the bench and also secured my collar so that I could not move my head. Then having blindfolded and gagged me she said she had emails to attend to and would be back to punish me later. I heard her heels click out and the door close behind her.
I waited for a while, welts throbbing deliciously on buttocks and thighs until eventually I heard the door and the heels tapping again on the wood floor, they stopped behind me and then silence. After an age suddenly a biting shock on my right buttock, I tried to cry out through the gag, it stopped and micro seconds later the same pain near but not in the same place. Six more times the same shooting pain followed by the ongoing trauma inflaming a small area.
When the agony eased somewhat I heard my Mistress’s voice saying “Now slave you have my brand and you are mine”
Finally she said I had done so well she would finish me off and give me twelve with her favourite riding crop with a star at the end in the hope of putting twelve star marks on me. These I had to count and thank her for.
Mistress then released me and she was again sweetness and light as we returned downstairs and chatted over a cup of tea before I went into the night and on my way beautifully glowing.

Sissy Maid Cherry roleplay and humiliation.

A new maid was due for an interview/session and in the sissy boudoir out lay her new uniform, stockings, dress, and black satin bloomers along with a cute frothy lace edged pinny.

The doorbell rang and Mistress Helen Ryder greeted the new maid who had no name at this stage and took her up to the sissy boudoir room.  Chatting away about past experiences and what would be expected of her today the maid looked quite nervously excited.

“I must confess Mistress Helen that I just want to be a ladies maid and wait upon her”

“Take off those manly clothes, and dress in these” Mistress Helen indicated the clothing pile and helped the maid ease on her stockings.  Not being sure if the bloomers would fit but they were in fact a perfect fit for the maid’s cockette.

“What size shoes are you sweetie?

“I’m an 11 Mistress Helen”  How very fortunate for the maid as a size 11 in low heeled patent court shoes was produced from a rack of shoes and slipped on nicely.

Mistress Helen expertly applied full make-up and then selected a cute wig with a gorgeous shade of strawberry blonde and little flicks and curls.  Placing the wig upon the maid’s head an Alice band was added, it finished off the look perfectly.

“Now stand up and give me a twirl and a curtsy” demanded Mistress Helen.

The maid did exactly as she was told executing a perfect curtsy too!

“Now look in the mirror my dear and look hard and I want you to think whether you might be a Joanna or a Cherry as your new name”

“I really don’t know Mistress” the maid said with her eyes downcast.

“I think you will be known as Maid Cherry from now on, it’s time for basic household duties so follow me”

Maid Cherry followed her new Mistress down to the kitchen where she was instructed to make the perfect cup of tea.  “I like my tea a deep golden, not weak, not strong and not too much milk so you had best get it correct”

Mistress Helen sat down on a chair and maid Cherry made the tea.

“Mmm a bit weak, pop the teabag back in for a while and if no improvement then you will start again” Mistress Helen Ryder was a hard task Mistress at times!

The tea was taken away and modified to Mistress’s liking and maid Cherry was instructed to carry out some shoe cleaning on the very shoes that Mistress had on.  “Plenty of licking and huffing on them before you buff them to a high shine, come on I want to see my reflection in them”

After the shoes were polished Mistress Helen indicated a high heeled pair of patent leather boots were to also be shined as they were required for a session the next day.

“Whilst you are busy cleaning I will choose a nice neutral colour for my nails, as you will be giving me a mini manicure maid Cherry”

“Yes Miss, I might not be very good though, but promise to try my best”

Mistress Helen returned with a bottle of polish, some pads and a bottle of acetone (just in case) and demonstrated how to paint nails.  Very shakily the new maid painted her Mistress’s nails, they didn’t look too bad but clearly the maid needed more practice so she was instructed to paint her own nails.

“Getting slightly better maid Cherry, ok now time to take it off” maid Cherry was given acetone and pads but made a mess of the removal with squeezing too hard and making a mess with drips of liquid falling to the floor.

DSC_0490 DSC_0491 DSC_0492 DSC_0494







“You have earned yourself a spanking young lady” Mistress Helen indicated for maid Cherry to follow her upstairs and to bring a feather duster for dusting all corners of every room on her way and upstairs too.

“I’ve decided to allow you to pamper me some more first, you will wash my feet after I have removed my stockings and massage my feet and legs with this lovely massage balm.  Then brush my hair and massage my head with this special device and then brush my hair again”

Maid Cherry was kept very busy for some time with being on Mistress pamper duties and was clearly enjoying her new role, she hoped that Mistress Helen might forget the tea not being to her liking straight away and the droplets of nail polish remover.

“Mmmm that was very nice maid, now curtsey six times each becoming lower” and then over my spanking bench”

The maid lay across the bench and Mistress Helen pulled her new uniform up over her waist exposing the black satin bloomers.

“20 spanks on each cheek for making mistakes”

“Ouch, ouch” maid cherry wriggled on the bench with her little cockette rubbing against the satin bloomers she was becoming very aroused.

“Well what do we have here?  Is your little cockette growing in those bloomers you naughty girl?!” Mistress Helen picked up her vibration wand and teased maid cherry with it, teasing and teasing some more that oh dear too late what a sticky mess in the bloomers!  Oh dear the humiliation!

Maid cherry was instructed to wash them by hand in the bathroom sink, make-up removed and boring manly clothes returned she was sent on her way with instructions to return another day.

Maid cherry had an embarrassed little smile on her face and her little cheeks were glowing with pleasure.


One of my favourite tea manufacturers is  and if anyone buys me that Red Velvet Easter egg on their front page I will be very happy!

This is useful for all things sissy related


Fetish Club night out with slave R.

We were checked in to a hotel not very far from our evenings fetish venue, slave had gone off to fetch the rest of the luggage and I was busy in the hotel room bathroom with my evenings outfit a hot little latex number from Honour and a bottle of vivishine my favourite latex shiner!  I wanted my outfit to be super slick and shiny this evening.

Slave returned with the essential luggage, some cold mixed G&T’s and a bottle of Champagne for later (it was a BYOB) but I wouldn’t be drinking much as I would be dominating slave later.

We had a delicious light poached salmon meal in the hotel restaurant, overlooking the runway (some of you may guess now where we were off to) all will be revealed.   Nothing too heavy for play later on and I would be able to slither/slide into my tight latex.

Back in the hotel room I nipped off for a shower and dressed in my outfit, with ruby red lips and smouldering smokey eye make-up I walked into the room.  Slave was blown away with my appearance and couldn’t wait to be walking by my side in the club with all eyes on us.

A short taxi ride later we were checking in and stashing our bits in a locker.  I had been before but not for a couple of years so we took up the offer of a tour.  A bubbly blonde lady walked us around showing us into each of the areas.  It was quite busy by now and lots of couples were looking over at us probably thinking “mmmmm fresh meat” haha little did they know!

Slave was quite nervous about playing in public (understandable) so he asked permission to watch others play and to wander around the venue.  I was most happy to do this as people watching, especially fetish play as well as some of the swingers there is always fun to observe.

We were a couple of hours in to our visit and slave felt more comfortable about starting a scene but not too public.  There was a room with a two way mirror and a lockable door so I took him in there.  I made him lay down on the platform bed and started to tease his skin with my soft suede floggers, then the cat claws came out tickling, striking and teasing him.  Nipple clamps which are too hard core for this particular slave but great to tease with so I straddled him and pinned his legs together with mine either side of him.  Wrapping the chain around his very stiff cock I eased the chain up and down teasing him that I needed to be careful he wasn’t going to pop his lid at this stage!  Well you can’t have too much of a good thing when there is more fun to explore, so off out the room with more scenes to watch and I had popped on my strap-on harness with a nice sturdy thick cock from Babes n horny.  Well that cock got rather a lot of verbal attention and admiring glances in the dungeon.

After some time we decided to grab a taxi back to the hotel and wind down with a G&T in the room and time for the finale on slave so out came my magic wands with much more teasing before he was drained and sleepy.  I had the big double bed all to myself and slave was on a portable extra bed in the room not too far away if I wanted to flick my flogger if he snored!  Haha thankfully he didn’t.

Well what a great night out for us both, slave had come to me for an alternate massage sometime last year and has been slowly stretching his boundaries and exploring other forms of play over time.  A night out to a fetish event was a big step for him and the particular club I selected I knew would be a more gentle introduction with plenty of stimulating visuals that he would enjoy.

So where did we go I hear you ask J it was The Heathrow Dungeon Zone, a superb venue with lots of different areas, pool, hot tub, dungeon, cinema room, private rooms, social areas etc.

Fetish nights out are only offered to established existing clients that I have built a great rapport and trust over time with.

Sorry no pics of the night out with slave appearing as discretion is always taken into account.


Judicial caning punishment at Mistress Helen Ryder’s correctional facility in Burgess Hill West Sussex.

The boy trembled as he stood before Mistress Helen Ryder (the head of the correctional facility for wayward boys and girls) M had been stealing and thought he could sneakily return the money without being caught. Unfortunately M had been summoned to attend Ms Ryder’s premises immediately!  He knew of her reputation for being ruthless in dishing out judicial style canings.

“hands on your head boy” Ms Ryder patted down the front, sides and back of M instructing him to bend over and touch his toes and gave him a good wallop on his behind.

“You’ve been stealing boy & I know there has been no time to spend the money so where is it?

M stuttered that he hadn’t got it, “I don’t believe you, and pass me your jacket” reaching inside each of the pockets Helen Ryder pulled out a stash of rolled up notes.  Unrolling them she counted each one out in front of him “filthy little liar, you are sentenced to 100 strokes of the cane on your bare bottom”

M asked how hard they were going to be as he shamefully lowered his head to face the floor.

“Very hard boy”

“Now strip off all your clothing” M shakily stripped off feeling the hopeless humiliation of standing naked before Ms Ryder.

“Get over that bench boy and I am not going to hold back, you will feel every single stroke and there will be 30 to 40 second gap between each one so you can fully absorb & understand your punishment”

The boy knelt over the bench and Ms Ryder buckled each of the straps down securing each one tightly, he knew there was no escape and would have to take his Judicial punishment.

Ms Ryder walked over to the wall unit and selected a pair of wrist length black leather gloves which she put on “these will give me a better grip on my canes boy” she reached into a bucket and pulled out a cane, which had been soaking in a special solution and gave it a shake.  Droplets swished through the air and M heard that dreaded sound of the cane swishing knowing he would be on the receiving end very soon.

A few places to buy canes on-line or local to Mistress Helen Ryder at Brighton Twisted Market:




I will be lending my whip hand at the R.A.C.K event Brighton this coming Saturday 🙂 however saying that if I am aching from sessions and decorating I may be looking at pamper submissives for a foot massage and sissy maids or slaves to fetch my drinks!

If you are on Fetlife then do check out and pre purchase your ticket for this event

See you on the dark side.


Mistress Helen X

Come along and treat yourself to double the fun and double the pain if you enjoy CP sessions, perhaps some spit roasting with two very experienced ladies wielding their Mistress cocks for you to feast upon!

  • BDSM – Double Domination
  • Spit roast
  • Four hands alternate massage
  • Role Play
  • Electrics, Estim & Violet wand
  • and much more, read my activities list for more ideas!

The Date: Monday 29th Feb 2016

Or for something more relaxing, a treat to the sense’s a four hands alternate massage booking.

Bookings already being taken so grab this date and secure it with a deposit ASAP! Deposits paid direct into a bank account either via transfer or on foot at a branch, email for details.


Pricing is one hour £180

1.5hours £260
2 hours £320

What is an alternate massage?

Despite having a tab which explains some of this and stating I offer bespoke sessions based on the open lines of communication after a session is firmly booked I am still asked “what does it entail” So here is some further information to guide you.

Alternate massage can be a one to one or two practitioners for four hands on.  If two ladies then pricing will vary due to it being a one off appointment or a special advertised (on my blog page) as a double day so keep your eyes on my blogs for updates.

Alternate massage is a style of booking which bridges the gap between a full on BDSM style session and a not so vanilla massage.  It is carried out in my special play room on a comfortable massage couch.  The session can consist of light flogging, teasing, using different mediums of touch from feathers, cat claws, satin gloves etc.  Perhaps an introduction of the Violet Wand, some light electrics, prostrate play, vibrating wands/toys and candle play with special soya based candles which massage on or other candles I use which are a mix of soya and Crayola to make beautiful patterns on you.  I have just stocked up on a full set of these

Being as all my sessions are bespoke we will have discussed what aspects of play appeal and what kind of sensations are enjoyed, what is pleasure and what is pain as everyone varies.  Sensual massage, sensation play and maybe much more.

There will also be aspects of different styles of massage used from long soothing strokes to deeper movements perhaps working out some knots if needed.  My heated Bamboo will also come out to play as a massage aid, don’t worry I will only whack you across the bottoms with the sticks if it’s been discussed and agreed.

If candles sound a little too messy then rest assured I always use Therapy quality massage wax which is simply a balm which melts with the heat of my hands on your skin and won’t leave you feeling all greasy.  If you are at all worried of smelling different to usual or skin being moisturised a hot shower is always offered after all sessions and a cold shower to those who are true masochists 😉 and want one!

Wearing a blindfold will heighten all of the special touches and assist in you feeling total bliss from such a session.  Alternate massage sessions are very popular and some clients simply stick to them and others decide to go on to the more traditional domination sessions when they feel more confident.

massage candle




2pm sharp the phone rang “Hello Mistress Helen it’s slave Lenny I’m parked up as instructed”

Mistress Helen looked out across the road and saw the car as described and gave the house number and instructions to come straight across.

“Hello Mistress Helen, it’s great to meet you at last”

“Jolly good to meet you slave now come and follow me up to my special room”

Mistress Helen led the way and slave followed taking in MH’s lush curves, shapely bottom and long legs catching a peek of her stocking tops as she walked up the stairs.

Slave handed over the remainder of the tribute due with nervous excitement.

Mistress Helen walked around slowly instructing slave to strip.

“Mmmmmm slave lenny, you do look rather familiar and we have already met previously I believe”

Standing naked in the room slave gazed down at his erect cock, he was nervous about where Mistress recognised him from and it led to his excitement wondering what would happen next.

“How is Amy? Mistress asked giving slaves erect cock a little slap with her crop.

“Oh fuck!  You won’t tell her I’m here will you?

“Well that depends on how much you entertain me today slave” Mistress grinned mischievously and walked out of the room returning with a large box.

Mistress Helen produced stockings, a very frilly pink and black suspender belt skirt, a bra with false breasts and a tight wiggle dress.

“First of all this clitty cock needs to be kept under My control” a sissy pink gingham ribbon was tied around slaves balls and criss crossed over and around his throbbing cock (it felt rather good) and on went the stockings and very frilly suspender belt, bra and then the dress.

“Look how pathetic you are in that mirror”

Slave walked over and gasped as Mistress laughed at him.

“I have news for you, I used to work with Amy and had many a conversation about how you simply don’t satisfy her with that thing!  I hear you only last about three minutes and as much as she loves her home life and generous income from your joint jobs, she is bored sexually and we have been chatting about cuckolding”

“She hasn’t told you that surely” spluttered slave Lenny

Mistress Helen told SL all about the intimate chats between her and Amy and that being as slaves little 3 minute egg timer would never satisfy her that Helen would be simply helping her friend Amy by training slave up to be a useful entertaining cuckold husband.

Amy worked for an international company and it often involved working away and with her new very good looking boss David who Mistress Helen had recognised from some of the fetish parties she had attended.  She knew David to be a very accomplished dominant and knew him to be into the cuckold lifestyle.  She would encourage her friend to enjoy those trips away whilst lenny kept the house clean and tidy for her arrival home.  He would be hand washing her sticky lingerie on her return.

Mistress Helen strapped into her harness and placed a decent sized cock in it. “Get those cock sucking lips around this slave”

And so began slave lenny’s training as for the next couple of hours he was made to entertain Mistress Helen with stripper style dancing, made to confess his failings as a lover and how he would write a letter to his wife pouring out his failings and how much he loved her and wanted them to have a happy marriage and his wife a fulfilling sex life with David.  He would be waiting on their every need, being fluffer and cleaning up as and when required.

His training consisted off lots of cock sucking, then having his own anal cherry taken over the bench so that he could be a true bitch.  Shoe cleaning and shoe worship progressing on to bare feet which Mistress Helen had deliberately made as sweaty as possible, instructing slave to get his tongue between every toe and lick them clean.  It was only when he was totally exhausted and totally compliant and ready to write the letter to Amy that Mistress Helen made him kneel on the floor and wank his little cock and make him spurt all over the floor.  His face was pushed down into it and he knew what was expected of him.

“That’s right slave from now on you will be on clean up duties, you will be put into chastity in time and only given permission to cum when it suits either me or Amy.  Now get practising and lick that mess off the floor”

Slave licked the floor clean and then had to wash it by hand too, Mistress Helen threw his clothes at him and told him he was dismissed until another time…

Mistress Helen provides training and role plays in person for sissy cuckold husbands with strapon training, sissy make overs and for those not brave enough to attend in person or wanting long distance training there are websites out there such as this one  I can not personally vouch for the site so do your homework!


sissy training cuckolding

Thank you to all those I have had the pleasure of playing with over the last year, and to those who I haven’t yet had the pleasure…..DON’T be shy take the plunge and write to me with an introduction of what you seek and I’m sure between us some dreams can be fulfilled for 2016.

From light introduction to BDSM with sensual alternate massage, role play to hard CP sessions, Strap-on/pegging, 4 hands massage, double domination, Foot worship, Medical play, sissy make-overs, sissy shopping trips, dinner socials after sessions, Fetish Club trips, extended sessions as well as shorter visits to explore your kink in a safe environment, something for everyone 😉

Happy blessed 2016

Mistress Helen XxX