Double Domination fun, do you dare to indulge with two strict demanding Mistresses?!   Please contact Mistress Jane as she is taking appointments for doubles on the above dates advertised, book Now!

We can play Doctors/Nurses and you the willing victim, Oops I meant patient in the medical white room with prostate examination, medical style procedures, EStim, sounds and more…..

Taken into the dungeon for a jolly good spit roast, pegging being used by us both

Mistress Jane has a great selection of rubber, satin dress’s and lingerie etc if you enjoy dressing up as well as make-up supplied and applied.

Into CP, then lets play a game………a roll of the dice or a spelling test, strict Aunties, teachers, headmistress or even the school bully carrying out their special brand of punishment.

Appetite starting to wet by now 😉  Maybe you need to be restrained, that cock under our complete control and in tight leather straps whilst I face sit you in a silky pair of panties.  Very naughty slaves may even get water boarding style panty pissing if you request ever so respectfully.

Or are you a domestic style sissy or butler, we might have you in the main house dressed up and waiting upon us. Every click of our fingers to do our bidding, you lucky little slut.

New to all of this and rather daunted by what to ask for then perhaps try the alternate massage, four hands stroking soothing/coaxing/teasing with some light flogging and other sensation delights mixed in as well as warmed oils massaged in, your limits respected at all times.

Want to know more?  Have a good read around both of our websites, read our blogs, our testimonials on Mistress Review site and the activties we both offer.


Mistress Helen

** Note we are like minded friends helping each other out and do not profit from each other, both self employed and responsible for our own tax.


Kidnap roleplay domination

I have received a couple of requests for these recently, simply a photo attached to an email asking for a one hour session and to include kidnap roleplay and other activities once back at base.  This style of request is unfeasible and unrealistic.

I have done kidnap RP’s before and this would only be with another Mistress  (one to drive/look out and one to bundle you in the car)  It is only offered to existing known clients and only on double domme days as advertised on my site or Mistress Janes  Due to the time spent driving to a location and dropping you back afterwards there would be a min session time of 1.5hrs x2 as you need to pay each Mistress and an agreed surcharge/fuel charge.

The location is selected by us and you have to follow instructions exactly! You are also required to pay not just a small deposit but half the session rate upfront to ensure you do not wimp out on the day.  With the remainder in an envelope in a small bag/rucksack.


Mistress Helen Ryder




It took me a few months to build up the courage to book a session with Mistress Helen, I am really glad I did as it was amazing. If you are thinking about booking don’t wait do it now!

When I arrived Mistress Helen looked stunning and was very friendly she made me feel at ease straight away and I knew I had made the right choice. After a chat she lead me to her very well equipped playroom and the fun began
First she made me undress and put me over her knee and gave me a spanking, at this point I think it’s worth mentioning that Mistress Helen has a gentle touch as well as a very firm hand. When she removed my shirt and touch my chest it felt fantastic and all she did was stoke my chest but I enjoyed her touch and power over me from the start of the session.
After my spanking I was treated to being allowed to kiss and Lick Mistress Helen shoes as she stood before me, then I was told to kiss her sexy stocking clad legs. Happy days
I was ordered to the bondage table and strapped in, there was no escape now! (Not that I wanted to I just wanted to please Mistress Helen as I was totally in awe of her beauty and power). Now I’m naked and totally at her mercy the way it should be. Mistress Helen then used some electrics on my cock and balls and every time she touched my body it felt amazing just a simple stroke of my thigh will be remembered for a long time.
The session just kept getting better next I was ordered to the facesitting box. Mistress Helen proceeded to again strap me in place so I couldn’t move, as a bonus whilst being strapped in I have a great view and was able to admire Mistress Helen from beneath her. Then the facesitting began and again the view of Mistress Helen beautiful bottom desending onto my face was something else. Once her beautiful bottom was on my face I was in heaven Mistress ordered me to kiss and sniff her panties, I obviously obeyed!
Next up was some CP Mistress strapped me in bondage table number 2 and expertly whipped, padded and canned me until my backside was nicely marked. Thankfully Mistress tailored the CP for me as my bum was very sore after and she was only going at 50% maybe less. That being said she soothed my bottom after with the amazing Mistress Helen touch/stroke.
And we are still not done! Next Mistress let me worship her beautiful bottom whilst she prepared bondage table 1 this was amazing. Then I was teased but with the Venus 2000 and eventually Mistress gave me permission to cum.
Once off the bondage table I was ordered to my knees once more and given the pleasure of a last bit of beautiful bottom worship. Mistress then slapped my face and spat in my mouth and sadly the session was over.
Mistress Helen is a lady who enjoys her slaves and it shows when she plays, I feel very lucky that I was permitted to spend some time with such a wonderful dominatrix
I can’t wait to see Mistress Helen again she is my new addiction
Thank you

I couldn’t believe my luck when my gorgeous boss Miss Ryder invited me back to her house for coffee after the company Christmas party. She looked so sexy in her white satin blouse, black skirt and stockings. Was I really going to have the sexual fantasies that went through my head every time I saw Miss Ryder in the office become reality? It seemed that way, as after a coffee and some flirting both ways I was invited upstairs for a massage.

When we got upstairs it seemed a bit odd that there were implements of torture all around the room but I thought some people collect stamps, art and many other things. This must be Miss Ryder’s hobby. My mind way focused on the massage and it wasn’t long before I was in heaven laying face down having oils gently rubbed all over by back and the backs of my arms and legs. Once I was completely relaxed Miss Ryder asked me to roll over. It didn’t seem a big deal when she asked if it was ok to tie me up, after all loads of people enjoy a bit of bondage with their sex I thought. I was strapped down to an examination table with my leds spread wide apart, handed tied to the side of the table and strap across my chest so I could hardly move.
Suddenly Miss Ryder’s attitude towards me completely changed. “How dare a lowly employee like you think you had a chance with me” said Miss Ryder. “Did you really think someone as gorgeous as me would want to have sex with an old man like you”? “The only reason I invited you to my house is because as well as being your boss I am a part time dominatrix and I felt like dishing out some severe torture on an unsuspecting employee”. “By the time I’m finished with you you will submit to anything I demand in the office, and if you don’t you will be humiliated in front of the other employees and fired”.
My torture began with some nipple stretching, although it was a bit painful I handled it reasonably well. My thighs and cock we’re whipped and I handled that ok as well. Maybe Miss Ryder was only into light domination I thought. It wasn’t long before I found myself strapped down to her whipping bench and realized how wrong I was. Electrics were pushed into my ass and strapped around my penis. I think I was lucky that Miss Ryder didn’t turn the shocks up to anywhere near full power. A whipping from Miss Ryder’s riding crop and paddle soon had me realizing that inflicting pain is a turn on for Miss Ryder.
As my whipping continued something within my head switched my perseption of Miss Ryder. She was no longer the sexy boss from my office that I had sexual fantasies about, but I now wanted to be her slave and do anything that she wanted if it pleased her. I wanted to prove my devotion by submitting in a way that I had never ever submitted to anyone before. Miss Ryder suggested needles through my nipples. The thought of this filled me with fear, but I knew it was something that I had to do.
The thoughts of backing out kept going through my mind so I asked Miss Ryder to strap me down so that escape was impossible. She obliged and was soon taking care of hygiene with antiseptic wipes. The first needle went in. It hurt so  badly when being pushed through but once in place was not to bad. The needle into my other nipple was just as painful until it had passed all the way through.
As sense of great achievement was felt by taking a torture that I had never experienced before. True submission is doing something for your mistress that is over and beyond your comfort level. Needles though my nipples were just that. When I go back to work I will now see Miss Ryder in a completely different way. I’m no longer just her employee. I am her slave.I just want to please her and will do whatever she asks if it pleases her.
Written by slave D, a homework task to complete in his own time about his session.

Merry Christmas to you all

A big thank you to all the wonderful gents whom I’ve had the pleasure of playing with over the course of this year and long may our superb fun sessions continue.  Yes even the ones that hurt you too that you might not refer to as fun (despite you craving and loving it) they are still fun for Me 🙂 I can’t believe how quickly this year has come around, how time flies when you are having fun!

I have met some lovely play things in my 8 years of “Professional Domination” as many of you know I started attending Fetish events and playing in my mid 20’s whilst working for a regular employer.  I wish I had become self employed much sooner.  I’m making up for it now having fun, sticking to my guns to how I run my business and really enjoying it.

Thanks for all your valued custom which is greatly appreciated and I am working right up to Christmas eve inclusive, so it’s just Christmas day that I’m taking time out and hopefully  I have my number one slave visiting on Boxing day.  I will consider seeing one of my fave regs that day too if you have had enough of the festivities and you can book in for an hours therapy with Me 😉

Best wishes

Mistress Helen XxX


I thought I would share with you all My recent clubbing night to the launch party of Club FemDom in London (a Fetish club night) I would be staying in London overnight at my fave London slave’s pad so I caught a train and slave collected me from Clapham Junction and whisked me back to his, he cooked dinner for me and served fine wine and then ensured I was comfy up in “The Tower” room in order to get ready for our night out.

I dressed in a short leather skirt, black body and little beaded cape, black stockings with red seams, full lingerie by What Katie Did and Victorian style ankle boots.


Slave wore his tux n tales jacket with a pair of tights and high heels, well if I’m going to suffer in heels then why shouldn’t he too! 😊 I also had him on his jewelled collar and leash for the evening.

We arrived at the venue and was greeted by the beautiful Mistress Absolute and welcomed into the party, the venue was gorgeous and the ceiling like a harem tent with large gilded mirrors on the walls, comfy seating for the Mistress’s with slaves kneeling, a DJ booth set up on a stage and a dance area with a raised bar area.  There was another room suited to foot worship and general socialising between the Mistress’s and a well set out dungeon with enough room to swing a cat of nine tails.  Slave’s task was to drive me back to West Sussex the next day and to have a two hour session back in my dungeon, but it would be rude not to make use of the equipment at least for a little while.

I instructed slave to strip (a second time in public for him) he got up onto the spanking bench and I spent the next half an hour using my Dragon tail whip and a rather favourite evil paddle on his back and buttocks, decorating his tender flesh with pretty patterns and enjoying his gasps, sighs and little squeals.  It was just a prelude of what would come tomorrow…..

Time to socialise,  I spotted the very lovely Madame Cruella, finally got to meet Kitty Bliss face to face (I love her laugh) and the gorgeous Lady Andromeda whom I first met on a night out in Brighton.  I really do not manage to get out to Femdom events as often as I would like with not being local to London events, so it’s always great to catch up with other Mistress’s.

I love the ethos of CLub Femdom with an all female line up from entertainment/DJ’s and the high protocol expected from male slaves, exactly as it should be!

Well once I was all partied out it was time to grab a cab back to slaves, a good nights sleep and replenish my caning/swinging arm for the next day.

I was going to end the blog here but just a quick mention to say slave did excel himself the next day with sawing manually through a railway sleeper in my garden.  Only took him three hours!!!!  I give credit to him and will say many others would have given up, but then he was going to be caned after so it was in his interest to do a good job.

Well done slave Rodda’s don’t let it go to your head!

Best regards to you all

Mistress Helen


Hope you are all staying warm and cosy now that Winter is here, it’s nice and warm in my dungeon and especially if I’ve made your bottom glow!

I’ve been looking at a custom build suspension bench with a set of stocks included and a gyno style end with a cage underneath to either replace my existing gyno bench (which will be up for sale) or to take pride of place in the massage room instead of the standard couch in there.  The bench top will still have a comfy padded top and can be used for alternate massage bookings.  I’m expecting to have this built early next year, perhaps with Christmas tips or November tips (instead of chocolates) then it may be here sooner.

Mentioning gifts, they are never expected but are appreciated 🙂 take note that I do NOT want any naughty food items such as chocolates or suchlike.

If you wish to gift Me then the following ideas are to give you inspiration



Money……. Getting the general idea now

Garden Pride voucher, I’m working on the back garden.

Lush bath bombs or shower gels, I do not like other brands of bath bombs.

Jo Malone fragrance  or peony-blush-suede-cologne, basil-neroli cologne and last off all a collection of them

I drink red wine in moderation.

A donation to the charity of My choice.

A reminder about the tone of emails, when writing for an appointment please keep it polite, succinct and all the graphic dirty talk is IN SESSIONS only (on My terms)  If you are a repeat visitor all I require is a variety of times/dates that you can commit and then I will happily book you in.  We can then chat close to the session date or in the session.  New clients to follow the booking procedures link on my rates page.

I’ve recently received lewd/crude emails with no dates/times and do wonder if they are simply written at the time of the person feeling horny and getting off on them!  So I’ve not taken the email that seriously and not replied.

Remember manners maketh the man!

See you soon

Mistress Helen




Double Domination Dec 15th. 16th and 17th

Author of blog: Mistress Jane




Double Domination: Friends, Romans, Countrymen, lend us your ears……………..Mistress Helen & Mistress Jane will be joining forces for 3 whole days of Double Delight or Darn right Dangerous liaisons depending how you look at it.

Three whole day of Double Domination, Debauchery, Decadence and Delight await those who dare. Immerse your mind, Self indulge your fantasy and enter our world of enlightenment. We lead you with safe hands to explore your fantasy in our world whether you are a novice or a seasoned player.

This is our theatre and with FIVE stages to play on we can indulge your innermost desires. Stage one a beautifully furnished multi functional classic dungeon with atmospheric mood lighting, mirrored walls and the very best equipment. Stage two, a fully equipped medical/white room for medical role play and intrusive therapies. Stage three, a domestic setting for those who like a more homely surrounding. Stage four, the Head Teachers office or where the Female Boss does her hiring and firing!. Stage five, homeopathic therapy room for massage treatments, hot bamboo stick, hot stones and Swedish massage treatments should you prefer a more relaxing time with us.

Whatever your fantasy we will do out utmost to fulfil it. Bookings now being taken, contact Mistress Jane giving her a brief synopsis of your experience and what you enjoy during a session. All applicants must be 30 years and over.

We look forward to meeting old and new friends alike on our Double Domination end of year event. See you there, The stage is set!!

There are so many aspects to BDSM one of which is  “Roleplay” which is what this blog and story is about. I was quite shy at school (yes I know that’s hard to believe) and when it came to certain subjects I would hide at the back of class so didn’t belong to any drama class (how silly) as now it’s something I excel in when asked to get involved in this style of play.  However in the playground I used to chase the boys and catch them with my friends and tie them up to the lamp post  in the school grounds with my skipping rope, on one occasion pulling one boys pants down who had previously caught one of my friends playing “knicker chase” certainly not allowed or tolerated these days!

People come and see me for a variety of reasons, one main example is escapism from their mundane and everyday life or that they have high profile jobs and need to let go.  Visiting a Mistress can be very liberating and with so much choice available such as sensual or alternate massage, total power exchange, fetish fun, CP and in some cases the need to play a part and be someone else and have some fun.

The story part of this blog (soon to follow) is written by my client Northee (he wishes to be known as) so you have permission to pop the kettle on, feet up or get on your knees, read and enjoy 🙂

Part one

How dumb was that bad man in the film Thelma and Louise? Louise had a revolver aimed straight at him, and at such close range she would not miss. All he had to do was apologise – a very light sanction considering he tried to rape Thelma. If he had apologised he would have lived. But he had to be clever and retort with a wisecrack. His wisecrack was his death sentence; he barely got out “suck my cock” when BANG, down he went finished forever. If the pursuing police only knew of the full facts of what happened at that car park, then they may have been pursued with more understanding. The story could have ended in a more satisfactory way than seeing them literally driven over the edge.

Similarly, three men would not have been reduced to chalk outlines on a station platform if they weren’t so dumb with Mrs. Gray as the main bad man in Thelma and Louise. And if the detective that called around to question Mrs Gray kept his mind on the job he was meant to do rather than ogling all over her and especially at her shoes, then he wouldn’t have ended up taken down to the ground in a hammerlock, then left prostrate from four vicious kicks with Mrs Gray’s mary-janes bulleting into his stomach and arm. If he did his job right, he wouldn’t have been lying helpless and winded on the ground watching Mrs. Gray walk away casually making her escape.

It started politely and professionally enough at 11 o’clock when the grey suited detective in a Cambridge blue shirt and Oxford blue tie knocked on Mrs. Gray’s door. Mrs. Gray was bespectacled in black attire, black skirt, stockings and gold and black patterned mary-jane when learning he was detective let him into the house.

The detective having introduced himself explained:

“I’m investigating the deaths of three men at the railway station and before they died they all muttered the name Mrs. Gray”.

“oh how shocking, and unusual that its a woman that done it. And you think it was me?”, Mrs. Gray replied with a seemingly sweet innocence.

The detective in a reassuring tone replied “oh no, I am not jumping straight to that conclusion. As you can appreciate because the name Mrs. Gray was mentioned, we have to investigate all Mrs. Grays in the area. Its just routine, nothing to worry about …”, jokingly adding with a mischievous laugh, “… unless you did it of course”.

Mrs. Gray played along with the little joke with an equally mischievous smile, adding “but I couldn’t really shoot them”.

As soon as she said that, Mrs. Gray realised she had just incriminated herself; the men were dead but there had not been any mention of how they died. She was gripped by a momentary fear of arrest, anxiously studying the detective’s body language for the expected confirmation that she was about to be arrested. Instead what she saw was the shoe-fetishist in him come out; he let his professionalism fall to the floor where his mind was absorbed in study of Mrs. Gray’s feet and shoes.

Mrs. Gray initially felt relief that she knew she was safe from arrest, because she knew where the detective’s mind was. At the same time she felt an anger boiling over with him; he was supposed to be upholding the law, and there he was being as pervy as the men she dealt with at the station. But for the moment she was playing it cool with him, biding out of the time until he went. She used his fascination with her shoes to her advantage; when sitting down, she crossed her legs and kicked the shoes up and down, almost hypnotising the detective like the swinging of a pendulum watch in front of a mesmerized animal. A few occasional crossing and uncrossing of the legs, with a head tilt and sweet smile ensured the detective’s mind was never going to get back to the job in hand.

The detective was asking questions but wasn’t paying attention to any of the answers. Having asked the basic questions of background of what work she did and where, and when she travels by train, to which she gave a calm and collected answer, he then just seemingly asked questions to stall for time – so he can continue observing her feet and shoes. Mrs. Gray knows his game; she is going from a bide her time mode to seeking an exit strategy. She felt same from arrest, but now the detective has become a pest.

“Have you got any id on you, … just to confirm who you are?” the detective asks.

“yes, sure, I have a driving licence in my handbag”, Mrs. Gray replies, sensing this is the opportune moment to immobilise the detective and make her escape.

She draws him over to where her handbag is, and manoeuvres him to the spot where she will fell him. She pretends to be clumsy dropping a few stuff hoping the detective goes down to the floor and then she can kick him and make her escape, but the detective was just so engrossed in admiring her shoes, feet and legs, that he was oblivious to it. He didnt do the gentleman thing and pick it up for her. So she required another plan.

Hand on driving licence in her handbag, she takes one glance at the detective posture and alertness. She will use the surprise and takedown move. She catches him by surprise by whipping out her driving licence and putting nearly under his nose. As the detective adjusts himself to be able to study the licence, Mrs. Gray had secured his wrist and elbow, applied a turn to his wrist that bent his arm, and it was behind his back before he knew it. Mrs. Gray had the detective in a hammerlock, unleashing a verbal tirade at him for being a pervert as bad as all the other men she knew.

Tirade over, she pushes him face down on to the floor, one hand on the back of his neck and the other arm securing his arm in a hammerlock. Almost as soon as she let go of him while he was face down on the floor she launched four rapid and vicious kicks on him. Her mary-janes blasted him twice in the stomach like bullets to knock the wind out of him. Then one bullet kick to deaden his arm and one more bullet kick to deaden his thigh.

The two kicks to the stomach area had knocked the wind totally out of the detective and all he could do was lie on the floor for the next 10 minutes grimacing in pain slowly trying to get his breath back. And when he did finally regain is breath back, he found he found he still couldn’t get up off the floor; the dead arm and leg Mrs Gray gave him left him unable push himself up from the floor. He just has to lay there all on his own, smarting that his male pride had been ripped to shreds by a woman.

Mrs. Gray had all the time in the world to walk away and escape to a hideout.

End of Detective Calls Part One

Pegging, I’ve added to my collection of cocks and I’ve been having lots of fun taking many a cherry over the last few months as well as gently stretching and taking my existing clients in varied positions 😉  Ask me about my superb curved GSpot and another that has balls that jiggle inside.

Spanking, I’ve met some fun players over the last year and made many a bottom very rosy indeed.  My hands, hairbrush and all manner of impact play implements are at My disposal.

CP, always adding to my collection of toys and players so if you are thinking of booking then do get in touch.  I’m always on the look out for anything interesting to add to my collection and gifts are warmly welcomed.

EStim and ElectraStim New toys in my collection and those who haven’t tried it, well you really don’t know what you are missing out on!  The most delicious pulsing waves of pleasure (and pain if I crank up the level as desired)  await you.

General news:

I’m still on occasions working with my super mate Mistress Jane for double domme, this usually takes place in Berkshire at her well equipped premises.  On occasions when she visits me for a social, we do offer one appointment on the evening that she travels down to one of my reliable regulars.  Apply if you wish to be placed on the list to contact, or simply keep an eye on My Twitter feed.

I had a trip to Milton Keynes recently to visit my other fab friend Domina Sara aka The Medical Mistress who has the establishment The Practice.  I had the pleasure of a double domme on her subject “M” who was a very good patient into medical roleplay with a circumcision and castration fetish (we did of course leave him intact) so we can all play out this fantasy another day 😉  I had such a fun time and hope to go back again soon.

And finally I got to meet the man behind always great to put a face to the fantastic workmanship in these superb items.  Many a Twitter exchange and good natter on the phone over the years and I met the Murphy too, gorgeous boy 🙂

The FemDom Ball 2016, what a fantastic night that was!  I attended the event with my London Slave Rodda, who ensured I was collected from the station, wined and dined before setting off to the ball.  I met some lovely ladies and caught up with Twitter friends (always great to meet in person) Slave was a gracious host and ensured I was most comfortable up in The Tower overnight and served me very well the next day.

My hair colour, yes it has changed with warmer tones for the Autumn and Winter, I have many wigs too which on occasions I wear in a session.  So those missing the “Blonde Bombshell” look then no problem!

Update on appointments: I do work weekends and it’s best to book a few days ahead at least if this is the only opportunity that you have to come for a session.  If you do not wish to use online banking to pay your deposit then you will need to attend a bank in person to pay the deposit into my account.

Thank you all for a good fun filled few months and long may they continue!