Strap-on fun or pegging as it’s also known

I love the many facets of domination from spanking, corporal punishment cross dressing, adult baby and role plays but it just so happens that donning my strap-on and giving a man a good pegging over my bench or one leg cocked up on my bed just happens to be one of my favourite things!

To start off such a session it’s vital that the sub/slave has prepared and is clean, there are various douching kits on the market to do this as well as special shower attachments too.  If you are not sure then email to ask but a Google search will bring up sites such as “Love Honey” “Uber Kinky” to just name a couple and a douche kit starts from around £10.

If you don’t have a kit then usually as long as you have emptied out and popped your own finger in soaped up to check inside and washed externally then all should be good to proceed.

I always warm up my willing victim with lots of lube, my gloved fingers and small toys before going for my Mistress cock!  I have different shapes and sizes from small beginner “cherry popper” I fondly call it to my bigger, ribbed, and wider and full on rampant beasts.

It’s thrilling and exciting to have a grown man to submit to my Mistress cock, having him on his knees sucking it and bent over receiving it!  It’s a great way to keep fit too!  Don’t forget if you happen to visit the seaside in Brighton to book an appointment ahead with me too!  I am situated only ten miles from Brighton.  Seaside, rock, a pebble beach for you masochists to enjoy and a domination session.  I can always insert that stick of rock to save you consuming all that sugar!


I work within a domestic setting with all manner of instruments and equipment for various scenarios.

I am an experienced Mistress from being a pure hobbyist for many years before embarking on offering professional sessions.  I am friendly caring and approachable but do not wrongly assume this makes me any less “Dominant” ALL scenes are “Safe Sane and Consensual” and also “Risk Aware Consensual Kink”

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